I got sucked into the world of day planners and my head is spinning.

The world has changed and I’ve been left behind.

Long ago, when I first started using a day planner, the only personal planner was by “Day Timer“.  This was way back in 1979.  The cost of a yearly set up was dear.  $50 for the monthly planners.  Each month was separate.  The cover had a 3 ring binder feature.  Each daily page had a perforated triangle at the top right of each page.  Tear the piece away and that was how you knew where you were in the planner.  The binder/cover was so small that only one month at a time would fit in the book.  When a month was over the pages were held in a specially sized box that looked like mini magazine holders.  One year per box.

I found the “Day Runner” brand in 1981.  A cheaper version of the Day Timer.  Well, only as far as cost was concerned.  A yearly planner was more affordable at a cost of $28 to $30.  The covers were more wider and the 3 ring binder would hold a monthly calendar and a weekly set.  The daily planner set would not fit in the binder along with the weekly and monthly calendars.  Pick your battle on planners.

Back in the early 1980’s there were, believe it or not, “Planner Snobs”.  I kid you not.  The people that carried the Day Timer thought they were hot stuff and looked down their noses as us that had the Day Runner.  I would be challenged by the Day Timer user about the size of my planner.  Women would tell me they could drop their planner in their purse, men would show me how well their planner fit in their shirt or coat pocket.  All the while I stood there with my 8-1/2 by 11 binder.

One man I worked with in a real estate office started my mornings off by declaring the Day Timer is superior and the Day Runner was a “wanna be”.  It was a good natured snipe.  There were some days when the snipe would be a little aggressive.

Sheesh!  It is just a calendar!  I told him to get over himself.

In the mid 1980’s I found “At A Glance“.  That planner featured a bright yellow stripe along the outer edges of the monthly calendars.  I found that I liked that feature because I could use it for birthday notes or work project deadlines when I worked at Arizona State University.  I was in the secretarial pool of the Agriculture Department.  One of the professors selected me to fill in for his assistant while she was on bed rest during her pregnancy.

That was a time in my life that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.  Computers were not common.  The drives were slots for giant 5 inch disks.  One slot held the operating instructions for the computer to come to life the other slot was to run a word processing program.  Once the program was open the disk was removed and a different one was inserted to save all the work done in the word processing documents.  I think that program was called “Star”.

I can’t tell you how many times I lost information.  Stuff I thought I had saved to the disk disappeared.  I had to retype pages and pages all over again.

Now, I have to admit that I am a rather vocal person under stress.  I don’t deal with stress very well.  The halls of the Agriculture building were marble.  The walls and floors were echo-y and sound traveled very well.  Even with the door closed to the office I worked in my frustration was heard on the entire floor.  Classrooms, professor offices, and the different labs.  One professor from the new computer science section knocked on the office door I was behind, then came in.  He asked me if I were alright.

Humiliated and ashamed of myself for the verbal outburst.  I had to apologize to him.  I had lost one entire section of a document that I had been working on that morning.  The paper was to be submitted the next day to be reviewed by the group of peers to the professor I was working for.  I was TOAST!

Needless to say my introduction to computers was not my most favorite time in my life.  I longed for the days of the IBM Typewriter that I had been using for many years.  Type on paper and everything is there.  You don’t lose hours of work on a typewriter.  The words just don’t disappear into a different world when using a typewriter.

Now, here in the 2000’s, things have changed so much.  Day Timer is still around.  As is Day Runner.  And my favorite At A Glance can still be purchased.  The Day Runner and the At A Glance are available at my local office supply store.

The past couple days I have been online looking at planners and trying to figure out which one I want to use in 2015.

There is MidoriHobonichiFranklin Covey.  It is crazy the different types of day planners that are out there.

I just want something that I can use for my truck driving stuff and my personal stuff.  I’ll stick with the Day Timer style I’ve used for years.  The only thing I don’t like about this type of a system is storing the yearly information.  Being a 7 ring binder type the pages are all loose at the end of the year.  I just put them in a file folder and put on a label indicating the year.

My Day Timer

My Day Timer

My weekly Day Timer

My weekly Day Timer

I have some pocket files with To Do lists for each part of my life that I want to get a better handle on.  Goals for the week.

Goals for the week

Goals for the week

House work using the Flylady system.  I have modified it to fit my physical abilities right now.  Let me tell you.  I did one hour of cleaning in my living room this morning and it has whipped my butt.  I think this Sepsis thing has done a right good job on throwing my butt on the floor.  :/

House work folder

House work folder

Blog post list for my Foolishness & Mayhem site.

Foolishness & Mayhem

Foolishness & Mayhem

Blog post list, videos for YouTube, and my craft room folder for Message In A Fold.

Message In A Fold

Message In A Fold

And finally, a folder with my wishes and goals for getting my Etsy shop working.

Etsy folder

Etsy folder

I think I have been resting long enough now after my cleaning stint that sapped my strength.  It is time to get ready to go create the video on using a Sliding Blade Trimmer.

As a cautionary note.  If you don’t want to lose several hours of your day….DON’T go to Pinterest  and do a search for Day Planners.  Trust me.  You can get totally lost in there.  However, it is quite informative.  Seeing how other people use their day planners and make them work for them.

Now a “Call To Action”.  Leave a comment with information about YOUR day planner and how you like to use it.

Thanks, Leslie

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gardenpinks
    Nov 24, 2014 @ 18:41:32

    Back in the 80s when everyone in the UK thought they were upwardly mobile and feeling important then they carried filofaxes – these soft covered small folders were divided into various divisions and sub divisions and these held these people’s lives! I kid you not. You could hear the screams across the planet if anyone of the precious dears mislaid or lost their filofaxes. Then along came PDAs and now the same self important folk have smart phones.:)
    Life is too short to be planning it out that way – live it not document it! LOL
    My life is at sixes and sevens just now – the house sale has been held up while waiting for a government department to spew out a piece of paper and Rod has broken his leg! He slipped on a muddy bank and cleanly broke his fibula just above the ankle bone; at one point there was talk of pinning it and last week the bone consultant didn’t feel it was knitting as well or quickly as it he felt it should! Rod has another appointment with the fracture clinic on 10th December to see how the break is progressing. All Rod’s jobs are now firmly on my shoulders – starting the generator, fuelling it up, making sure the oil is topped up, hauling in wood, sawing wood plus the housework, cooking and shopping!
    He can’t climb the stairs so has to shuffle up and down on his bottom:) As someone said it was a pretty drastic way of getting out of the packing 😀
    He is feeling frustrated because he can’t get around so easily and of course it is difficult for him to get outdoors as it is now so wet and muddy and the ground here is not at all level – I think that I have p***ed someone somewhere off 😀
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Nov 25, 2014 @ 11:00:33

      Oh my GOSH! POOR ROD 😦 Please send my sympathy on to him for the broken leg and his bruised spirit.

      If I were a person who believed in “hauntings” or “spells” I would have to say that house has a hold on Rod. It probably has “abandonment” issues 😉 Being neglected for so many years then he heeded the Siren’s call of the house as a growing boy to man. That house loves him and doesn’t want anyone else to have it.

      Okay, now I’ve gone and scared myself :/

      You have a lot resting on your shoulders. I hope everything sorts itself out good and proper and – SOONEST. My friend, please know that I wish the two of you only the very best. If I were closer I’d be over in a jiffy to help you with your toils.

      Love you – Leslie


  2. healthfulsave
    Dec 27, 2014 @ 20:24:01

    Leslie, I think this was one of my favorite blog posts I read all year! When I worked at Parklane Hosiery in 1986 or so we ran the cash register on those huge computer disks. This was back in the days of charge plates. I lived in fear of having to do a credit on a charge card. I hope I am not the reason the company went out of business!
    I have a fondness for the DayTimer myself. Mine is a sort of burgundy brocade tapestry circa 1992… with my initials on a gold-tone plate. Not very au courant in 2014, but it is like an old friend! When you went to a meeting it was like bringing your favorite stuffed animal along… a little comforting hug in the business world 😉
    Thanks for all the fun memories!


    • Message In A Fold
      Dec 29, 2014 @ 11:40:54

      Sometimes a trip down memory lane is a good thing 😀 Thanks for sharing your struggles of entering the new age of computers 😀 That was fun to read and imagine. You know, I’m with you here. If something has stood the test of time and been consistently faithful in your daily life…..keep it. Most things produced today have a very short shelf and working life so those old and well loved things are so much better. Thank you for the high praise you accorded me on this being your favorite post all year. I appreciate you.

      Here’s wishing you and your family have had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to the new year.



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