Sliding blade trimmer – Cheap Trick

I have had this idea ramming around in my brain for several years.  I have many excuses for not getting this posted or a video made….I’ll blame it on the time constraints of my old Day Job.

Now seems like an excellent time to discuss this technique, with Thanksgiving and Christmas looming, and since I am no longer a truck driver.  My poor kidneys can’t handle it any longer.  Plus, Joe freaked out on my last trip out with him at the start of this month and he made the decision for me to get off the road.

Okay, enough of that.  Here is what you can do with a Sliding Blade Trimmer.

Sliding Blade Trimmers

Sliding Blade Trimmers

For a budding card maker, with limited room and finances, I can show you how to use your $25 Sliding Blade Trimmer to get this result.  Mind you, the three examples I have for you are practice runs….because I had to reacquaint myself with the awesomeness of this essential paper tool.

Have a look at the three samples I have here.  You can see what can be accomplished with the Sliding Blade Trimmer, some stamps and ink, and some markers and glitter glue.

Back of sample #1

Back of sample #1

Front of sample #1

Front of sample #1

Sample #2

Sample #2

You can’t see the 1/4 inch wide score marks on the Sample #2 because of my bad lighting.

Sample #3

Sample #3

Not everyone can afford to purchase a $100 die cutting machine, the $25 to $50 cost of a Scor-Pal or a Martha Stewart Score Board, nor the cost of the dies at $15 to $25 a pop to make these kinds of cards.

Some people may not have the space in their crafting areas to accommodate a large tool like a die cutting machine or the scoring board,  nor the storage space for the dies.  Cost may not be an issue with them, only the space.

New paper artists may not want to invest in the die cutting machine, scoring board,  nor the dies right now because they might think about waiting a little while to make such a financial commitment toward something they may not use much.

Whichever the reason, all of them valid, you can achieve the same results with the Sliding Blade Trimmer.

The sliding blade trimmer is like the “Swiss Army Knife” of the paper cutting tools.  This trimmer is a true “Multi-Tasker”.  Many new paper artists pick this trimmer because of the low profile and easy portability.  Plus, there are a ton of YouTube videos showcasing this paper trimmer as it cuts through card stock and text weight design paper with ease.  The cutting guide on the trimmer base is used, along with a bone folder, to score the papers.  So, since everyone else uses it then it must be a good product.

There are many drawbacks to using this paper trimmer exclusively.  The one major problem is with the cutting blade.  You have to purchase replacement blades for this trimmer.  When the blade goes bad your paper cuts are no longer clean.  The other drawback is the plastic guide the blade slides along.  After changing the blade many times the guide stretches out a bit and your cuts are no longer true.  They get a bit of a wobble in them.

Over the next couple days I will take you through the steps to create Sample #1 so you get to know your paper trimmer and not beat yourself up about screwing up a perfectly good card base.  Once you master the Sample #1 you can then take on a regular card base to create your own design imagery.

I need to warn you ahead of time….the posts for the Sample #1 item will be PHOTO HEAVY!  That is why I am going to be splitting this up.

I will be making a full video and hope to have it uploaded to YouTube by Saturday – November 22, 2014.

This technique can be used for many occasion greeting cards.  Use stamps featuring a birthday cake or a stack of presents for the birthday person.  Use a stamp featuring a baby stroller to welcome the new little one into a family.  Use a stamp that has a large sentiment, such as “Thank You” or “Congratulations”.  Make a feature window, such as in Sample #2, with a bouquet of flowers or a favorite scene you like to color for a “Get Well” or a “Sympathy” card.

Your imagination, creativity, and card making supplies are all you need.



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