The day you were Born.

Currently, I’m working on a 2-page layout of the day my grand-daughters were born.

Working on a 2-page layout

Working on a 2-page layout

This layout began life from this creation.

Layout style 3

Layout style 3

The second page is the “business page”.  After the girls were born and handed off to the delivery room nurses to be weighed, tested, and then tightly wrapped before being presented to the new Mom.  There are a couple shots of them from within the nursery.  They are so adorable I can barely stand it :D.

Page 2 of the layout

Page 2 of the layout

The page featuring the 8×10 photo of Mom with the babes had been sent to me, via text message, from the new Dad.  Joe and I were in a Village Inn restaurant in Grand Island, Nebraska that morning having breakfast.  The both of us had been worried about our daughter during the delivery.  Both Joe and I were in knots.  Oddly, both of us have been through the birth process several times before and we both lived through it.

Wait…that sounds really strange.

Joe had been IN the delivery room when most of his children were born.  Depending on the hospital rules at the time of the children’s birth whether the father could be present or left to exile in the waiting room far away. He had experienced both of these situations of his five children coming into this world.  His tales of being in the delivery room with his oldest daughter is one he loves to tell frequently.  Enough so that I think  I can quote (verbatim) :/.

I have also been in the delivery room as my children were born.  I know first hand the mix of emotions that run riot through the new mother’s head and heart.  Excitement to be a “Mother” and hold the tiny baby that had been kicking my bladder causing inopportune wet spots to appear on my clothing.  Or being punched in the lungs which lead to a period of gasping for air which seemed like eternity.

I was terrified.  Would I be a good mother?  Would my baby be healthy?  Frantically thinking back the nine months to find a point in time where I may have eaten or drank something that would forever damage this new life?  Hearing the baby was in good health as it was placed upon my chest brought more panic.  Will I break this little wriggling thing?

When the photo of the new Mom and brand new babies appeared on our phones, both Joe and I had tears running down our cheeks.  The wait staff at the restaurant were concerned, even a bit taken aback at seeing the sorry state we were in.  We both had to reassure all who came to check on us that we were fine.  Just brand new grandparents.

As it happens, the birth of our grand-daughters was on Father’s Day – June 12, 2014.  Joe, so overcome with gratitude of this wonderful event, stood and tapped his water glass and asked for everyone’s attention.  He loudly announced that we were new grandparents of twins just a few minutes old.  He went on to wish all the Fathers gathered in the restaurant with their families on this special day a very Happy Father’s Day.

These photos are special to me.  I was in the middle of Nebraska while my daughter was hundreds of miles away from me in central Arizona.  Having photos sent to me by my wonderful Son-In-Law and a few updates via text messaging were almost (not quite) as good as actually being there in person.

I’ll have the finished layout in a few days.  I’m trying my hand at some “Typography” to add to the layout.

In the meantime….get prepared for a video I have in the works about having “Dirty little secrets” in your crafting space you don’t want anyone to know about.




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gardenpinks
    Oct 22, 2014 @ 14:23:28

    It is lovely to revisit those photos and recall the memories. When our first twin was born she was checked over and wrapped in a blanket and handed over to Rod who was told to take her for a walk while I was being sorted out ready for the next one 🙂 He couldn’t believe the casual manner of it all !!!!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx


    • Message In A Fold
      Oct 23, 2014 @ 07:31:18

      That is wonderful! It’s a good thing that Rod had previous experience with handling babies. I would pity the new father with no experience at holding a baby. Poor guy would be in a total panic LOL.

      You, on the other hand, must have been pretty frightened by the prospect of caring for the new babies. I bet Rod was, mostly, the best tutor you could have ever had.

      Love you – Leslie


      • gardenpinks
        Oct 23, 2014 @ 12:07:30

        Well Leslie I had already had one baby although by the time the twins were born she was 12 years old and a great help too so I wasn’t totally wet behind the ears. Luckily I am a very practical person too so it didn’t frighten me but I do remember how very tired I seemed to be all the time 🙂

        Love Lynn xx

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