What does the “Wave” Mean? Joe asked.

Currently my husband, Joe, is far away in Massachusetts moving trucks to western Pennsylvania going to auction.  He has been gone for nearly two weeks now and he misses me and home.  I miss him being here as well.

While I was on the phone, last night, I told him to watch my newest video on YouTube.  He could see me.  I had been telling him that I am trying something new in my videos.  Being two different people.

Let me tell you.  When I first had that brilliant idea it seemed like it would be so easy to do.  Film me dressed as I normally am on a day to day basis demonstrating something and then filming me better groomed and dressed.   (You can see it in yesterday’s post if you haven’t already seen it – Trying something new.) This video was an attempt to show the differences in paper used in crafting.  Which papers are better used as bases in card making and scrapbook layouts.

I wrote a script so I could stay on track.  I almost didn’t upload the video.  I had some qualms about it and really felt quite stupid after seeing the choppy editing job I did.  I’m in the process of learning how to better use my iMovie program.  Filming as two different people is way more tricky than I first thought.

The intent of my video was totally lost on Joe.  I am going to have to rethink my concept in the future and keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with paper crafting.  Joe watched the video while we were on the phone.  It was good to hear  him laugh while he was watching.  He did ask “Is this supposed to be funny?”  Poor guy, I could almost feel him cringing thinking I had been all serious and he mistook my intentions.  I did tell him it was supposed to be funny and I was glad to hear him laugh.

After the video was finished he asked “What does the WAVE mean?”  Since I had to explain to him the different paper densities and qualities available out there then I was not successful in getting my point across.  I was not totally thinking about the new crafter just getting exposed to the different types of paper used.  It seems that my frame of reference came from the view of someone familiar with the different paper types and not geared toward those that don’t have the first clue on what to purchase.  I’m thinking I need to do a follow up of some kind.  Maybe even from a craft/hobby store where the aisle of paper is more intimidating.

Currently, I’m working on a new video.  I’ve had several questions on the “Stampin’ Up! Letter Press Plate” that I filmed well over three years ago.  I hope to have it uploaded by Friday of this week – October 17th.

Letter Press Plate from Stampin' Up!

Letter Press Plate from Stampin’ Up!

Okay, it is time to get back to my editing my next video.  I hope that everyone is enjoying the cooler fall temperatures.  I can’t believe Fall is here already.




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