Family. Once upon a time it was only a wish.

This morning, on the patio, I was enjoying the early morning air. Not cool but definitely not the heat that will come later in the day.

Sipping my coffee while selecting photos to be uploaded to a drug store, via an app, then cropping each photo with the easy to use tool – the Walgreens App if anyone is interested – I had a pulse of enlightenment (if you will excuse the use of that word).

Via my children, and their marriages, that longed for family has been in my grasp for many years. 24 of them to be exact. Soon to be 25.

The family I had so craved and longed for has grown into quite a massive and far reaching one. To be part of a living dynamic that fluctuates and changes around me yet has a center core of love and acceptance is nothing short of a miracle. Well, to me it is quite miraculous.

For myself, knowing my grandchildren are in family units that love, cherish, and adore them is a rich blessing.

Going through the photos I was in the process of cropping a photo of Jaime’s mother holding one of the baby girls. She sweetly spoke in Spanish to the wee one while she held and caressed the baby. I have no idea what she said but I am sure it was about the same as what I tell the babies as I hold and feed them. They are loved very much.


Jaime took the baby girl to change her diaper while Jaime’s dad held the other baby. The sweet look of pure love on his rugged face, along with the words he too spoke in Spanish, gave me a very profound feeling of contentment.


Just how much love can a person’s heart contain before it bursts into a ball of pure white light? I don’t know but I am willing to find out.

These little girls are just so very precious. Photo credit goes to “Future Photo Group


I hope you feel blessed on this Sunday, just as much as I have been.



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