Have you thought about using your tin food cans for storage?

I am in need of some kind of storage for my collection of rulers, ATG tape runners, colored markers from Stampin’ Up!, scissors, paper piercer, stylus, and other hand tools that don’t have a proper home in my craft room.

Joe has been busy cooking and stocking our freezer with his scrumptious chili, stew, bean soups, and his baked beans.  It has been his defense to ward off the Grumpy Gus that I become while in the midst of my paperwork for tax time.

My house work has gone kaput because of the holidays and paperwork.  Don’t look too closely at the floor under our table.  I dug these cans out of the recycling bin.  I had a burst of inspiration when I saw them piled up together.  If you need a bit of inspiration you need only go as far as Pinterest to find tons of ideas for using the tin cans.

Nancy Dynes – Altered Tin Cans

Evelyn Ames – Tin can ideas

Peach Lee – Tin Can Alley

Sandy English – Using Tin Cans

Tin cans I will use

Tin cans I will use

After you have rinsed the cans out well you will need to soak them in hot water to get the labels off.  I added about a tablespoon of dish washing liquid and about two tablespoons of bleach to the sink filling with really HOT water.

Liquid dish soap and bleach

Liquid dish soap and bleach

Put the cans in the hot soapy water to soak.  Give any over large cans a spin or two if the water level will not be enough to have the cans totally submerged.

Let the cans soak in the soapy water

Let the cans soak in the soapy water

After about 10 minutes, test the paper label to see if it will easily tear away from the can.

Test the paper label

Test the paper label

The glue used to attach the label will be the tricky part in the removal of the label.  Once the label pulls away from the metal easily you can check on the glue.

Label will peel right off

Label will peel right off

Once you have removed all the labels, and as much glue as you can, from the metal cans you will rinse them well with  running water and set them aside to dry.

Set the cans aside to dry

Set the cans aside to dry

My youngest daughter has a birthday coming up later in this month, January.  I am thinking of altering one set of these cans for her blow dryer, curling irons, flat irons, and brushes for her to store them in her bathroom.

I was gifted some beautiful paper by one of my daughter’s and her partner as a Christmas present.  Some of these papers will work very well for my birthday daughter.

Paper I got for Christmas

Paper I got for Christmas

Now that my paperwork is finally finished, I can get back into my routine of posting to my blog and creating.  Hallelujah!

This coming week I will be making a tutorial on altering metal food cans.  If, after I am finished, you would like to take the plunge into altering cans I would love to see what you come up with.  What would you use the metal cans for?



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gardenpinks
    Jan 06, 2014 @ 16:36:12

    Well done Leslie on getting the paperwork completed, a job well done and now it is out of the way! So back to craft room and house tidied up LOL. I have altered various tins including a lidded one that held mints – I made it into a seaside scene complete with tiny shells and pebbles. I recently did another one as a gift for someone who had a lovely tin full of mints and wen i asked for the tin he was amused and puzzled when I told him what I wanted it for. He said it wasn’t possible!! Silly man.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your tins.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Jan 07, 2014 @ 09:16:17

      I have been amazed at the numerous variations of Altoid tin alterations on Pinterest. Your seascape sounds delightful, encapsulated in a mint tin. A pleasant reminder of your days spent on the beaches of a warmer part of your world.

      Are you working on your newest acquisition? It would be fun to learn of the remarks made by the gentleman who gifted you with the tin. Him thinking you had an impossible task ahead of you. You might be asked to make him one 😀

      Love you my friend – Leslie


      • gardenpinks
        Jan 07, 2014 @ 16:46:30

        I completed it for him and his wife in the autumn and gave it to them – idiot that I am I forgot to take photos!! They were amazed, never seen anything like it before and couldn’t believe it was the same tin! He is keen on fishing so I did a sea type scene again and stamped fish onto shrink plastic and had them swimming amongst weeds created from fibres.
        Hugs xx

      • Message In A Fold
        Jan 10, 2014 @ 18:22:49

        Oh, I’m thrilled to hear that your friend was surprised by the gift you made for him from the tin he would have just thrown away. Your sea scene sounds to be delightful…..the fish seeming to swim amongst the seaweed. What a thrill you were given and you so deserve it.

        Love you my friend – Leslie

  2. Tracy :)
    Jan 06, 2014 @ 22:58:04

    Yeah for finishing up your year end!!!!!
    I know the feeling…I used to do a dance and sing come balancing the books 😉
    I have already read ahead, so know how beautiful your altered cans are 🙂


    • Message In A Fold
      Jan 07, 2014 @ 09:27:40

      Thank you for the empathetic happy dance and singing note you left about your experience in balancing the books. It feels so freeing to have it out of the way!

      Now we can both concentrate on more important things….like creating! 😀

      Hugs to you my friend – Leslie


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