Coming soon to Etsy….leslieB Creations by Message In A Fold

This will be my first offering on Etsy at Message In A Fold.

This set consists of three (3) items for a cost of $25.00 plus an approximate shipping charge of $9.  Approximate because it may be less depending on the size of box needed to ship the items.

This set includes the following:

First Etsy offering

The three piece set

One Mileage journal with a binder clip to hold your place, one matching note pad with binder clip, and one pen.  The pen is thin enough to be stored in the binding so it doesn’t get lost.

Pen stored in the binding

Pen stored in the binding

I am in the process of making three more journal sets and will have them up on Etsy in the coming weeks.  I will also have a more definite shipping charge for these sets.

Each of these books are hand crafted from heavy weight card stock and thick cardboard.  The glue used on these covers is a high quality book binding and laminating adhesive.  The covers have been under pressure to strengthen the bond of paper to cardboard during the curing process.

The note pad will fit in a shirt pocket.  Sweat will not damage the covers.  Joe carries his around in his shirt pocket all the time and he can get pretty sweaty at times.

These books have been made to be rugged to withstand sunlight and heat while resting on the dashboard of a truck.  These books will maintain their shape when being shoved into a tote or briefcase.  They are sturdy enough to have open over the steering wheel as you make note of the odometer reading while crossing over state lines.  These journals will not bend and fold under the pressure as the standard lined note books sold at truck stops everywhere do.

The note pad has been designed so you can use both sides of the lined paper.  The front cover flips over easily for you to write on the back side of the paper while making your notes.  Doodle away while you wait in a restaurant for your meal to arrive.  Use the note pad as a ledger to track your expenses on your trip.

Write down verbal directions to a pick up or delivery site.  The binder clip will hold the page secure so all you need do is flip the book open to follow the directions given.

The Mileage Journal has 80 pages for approximately 160 loads.  The note pad has 100 sheets of lined paper for 200 pages of notes.

The note pad

The note pad

Mileage journal

Mileage journal

Odometer notations

Odometer notations

If you may be interested in having a set featuring your favorite sport team or theme, a favorite hobby….you’d rather be fishing ;-)…or playing golf.  I can accommodate nearly anything you wish.  Paper selection and availability will be the only concern.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have any requests.



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