My Christmas present to Maureen. No peeking Maureen!

A package came for me a couple days ago from Maureen Mathis.  Her Christmas gift to me put a ginormous smile on my face and tears in my eyes.  She was so thoughtful to give me something that I can take along with me on the road to do some creating in the hotel rooms we stay in nightly.

A Slice tool kit, with storage pouch, that holds a spatula, pokey tool, craft knife, replacement blades, tweezers, a scraper, scissors, 6 inch ruler, and a bone folder.  This is the coolest tool kit and will come in handy.

A Slice tool kit

The Martha Stewart Portable Work Station is filled with pockets to hold many of the products I take along in my craft tote.  Currently I have to dig out all the stuff just to find the product I want to use.  It is compact and has a long strap that will be easier for me to carry into the hotel room.  Open it up and set it on the bed to begin creating.

A Portable Work Station

Thank you, so very much Maureen.  I am so blessed to have you as my friend.  I appreciate you and your generous heart.

Now, Maureen, you have to stop reading this post.

As many of you know, Maureen has a craft room she is totally pleased with.  For those of you that haven’t seen it yet I have included her video tour – Part 1 – of her craft room so you can see where she creates.

Okay, I guess you don’t get that video here.  I don’t know what is wrong with YouTube….maybe it is just me 😦

I am making her a bulletin board to go in her craft room.  One she can attach card inspirations, family photos, favorite things she wants to have near or whatever she wants to put on it.

I have one remaining frame and self healing cork attached to a board that fits the frame.  I am using DCWV’s Mariposa paper collection and some textured card stock from Club Scrap.  I have chosen the Mariposa papers because Maureen reminds me of a beautiful butterfly.  She brings joy to the hearts of all she encounters and she leaves them with a huge smile on their faces.  She has that effect on me anyway.  I am so very blessed to have her as my friend.

The papers are cut into 6″ x 6″ squares and placed over the cork.  This is the “test fitting” process.  I wanted to make sure the colors of the plain card stock don’t clash with the butterfly papers.  Once I was satisfied with the layout of the papers I glued them directly to the cork.

Test fitting the patterned and plain papers

After sitting overnight under a home styled “press” to ensure the papers were properly seated and adhered I attached fabric hem tape to sort of frame each of the papers.  I used fabric glue to adhere the hem tape to the paper.  Once more the project went under my “press” to allow the hem tape to be securely adhered.

You’re not still reading this are you Maureen?

Adhered fabric hem tape to frame the papers

While the cork board insert was in the “press” which was several pieces of stray wood I have accumulated over the years, two cases of Joe’s wine that is boxed, my cast iron dutch oven, and a heavy camera case Joe brought in to complete the full pressure points for everything to dry flat and secure.  Sorry, I forgot to take photos of my “press”.  Use what you’ve got 😀

I began the painting process on the frame.  I am using acrylic paint you can pick up at  any craft/hobby store.  Black and gold are the colors I’ve chosen.  I taped around the inner part of the frame using a low tack painters tape to section off the area I wanted to paint.  Once that was completed I set the frame aside for the paint to dry.

Painting the frame has begun

The inner section of the frame was taped to enable me to paint the outer edge with the black acrylic paint.  Once that was finished I set the frame aside to dry once more.

Outer section of the frame has been painted


The painter’s tape was then applied to both of the black areas, leaving the center section open for me to apply the gold acrylic paint.

Gold paint applied to the center section of the frame


Here is a close up of the black and gold painted frame.  Along with my piles of painter’s tape in my trash just below my table.

Black and gold painted frame

After the cork board had dried of all the glue applications I had done it was time to paint the wooden edge of the insert.  I also painted that with the black acrylic paint.Painting the wood insert

This is the “test fitting” of the frame to the insert.  Everything fits and I’m happy with how it is turning out.  This project will be handed off to my master painter who will apply a coat of varnish to the frame.  Once the varnish dries he will then attach the insert into the frame with glazier points to complete the assembly of this cork board.

Test fitting the frame and the insert

Once that part of this is completed then I will be getting out the much dreaded hot glue to attach flowers, pearls, feathers, and other types of embellishments before I send this off to Maureen.

The rubber stamping inventory project will now continue while I await Joe’s part of this project to be finished.  I hope I can get this finished for her to receive it by Christmas!




8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nancy
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 12:11:08

    Woohoo for you, Leslie! That Slice tool set is fabulous! I have a Slice and I don’t even have one of those! lol The portable work station looks absolutely ideal for your needs! Such wonderful gifts from Maureen!
    I’ll be vague here in case Maureen reads this! Hi, Maureen! lol The gift you’re making for her is fabulous, and I’m sure she will love it! 🙂


    • Message In A Fold
      Dec 11, 2012 @ 18:19:06

      Thank you, Nancy. I don’t have the Slice machine, don’t really need it since I don’t use the Cricut I’ve had forever! The tools will come in quite handy on the road and I’m so excited about the whole gift package. Maureen is so generous.

      This is making a nice break from the rubber stamping cataloging…what a project that has become. Yikes! I hope she likes it.

      Love you – Leslie


  2. gardenpinks
    Dec 12, 2012 @ 16:59:26

    A great gift from Maureen and so useful for when you are out on the road. A fab piece of kit 🙂
    Love the gift you are making for Maureen, beautiful papers you are using.
    I haven’t forgotten that I promised to take photos of my stamp cataloguing just keep running out of time!! We are off to watch the children’s school play tomorrow afternoon and then have dinner with our daughter and the grandchildren. Trying to work out what desserts to prepare for Sunday when our two nieces come for lunch, Christmas cards to finish, Christmas cards to write and post, presents to wrap, transfer paper to print on and then iron images onto bags and somewhere amongst all that there is a bit of Christmas decorating to do before Sunday to make the house look a little festive, the wreath to finish and a clock kit to sort out and assemble for our grandsons! Wonder if I shall get it all done?????????????

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxxx


    • Message In A Fold
      Dec 14, 2012 @ 07:03:50

      There seems to be a tornado of activity around your home. You have yourself quite a list of things to accomplish! I know you will get it all done and in fine fashion with high praises 😀 Don’t worry about the stamp cataloging put on your blog. That can wait until after the Christmas festivities are over.

      The things Maureen sent will be put to good use 😀 The portable thing will probably be over stuffed and heavy but it will be a joy to use 😀

      Love you – Leslie


  3. Tracy :)
    Dec 15, 2012 @ 00:12:44

    Oh my this was so sweet of her.


    • Message In A Fold
      Dec 15, 2012 @ 06:31:44

      Indeed, it was very sweet of Maureen to gift me with these two items. She is very generous and I feel quite inept. All I could offer her was something handmade. I hope she likes it, I’m quite nervous.

      Love – Leslie


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