What to do when you can’t follow instructions :-(

I have been working on a scrapbook for one of our daughters.  It has been a couple years in the making since I’m not home much.  I’m using DCWV “Street Lace” paper to create this album.

Okay, I’m sure I’m the only person that watches YouTube videos; gets totally stoked by a project someone has come up with and want to replicate, only to find that I didn’t follow the instructions properly.  😦  I have a really bad habit of writing the instructions on a piece of paper then losing those essential instructions underneath the pile of papers I have on my work surface.  A few hours later, or even the next day, I find the instructions and what made sense while watching the video no longer makes sense to me.

Case in point.  This lovely thing I made.  To see any of the photos larger click on them with your mouse – or tap on the photo to view in the browser of your smart phone.

Scrapbook album mini insert

I was so proud of myself for getting all the pieces cut, corners rounded, papers adhered, lace and pearl embellishments applied.

Opening the mini insertYay!  Opening the mini insert works like it is supposed to!

Crapazoid!  I put it on upside downCrapazoid!  It was working fantastic until I notice that I’ve put the front cover on upside down 😦  Try as I might, I could not figure out how to fix this.  Turning the piece to open the other way will make the insert open to the bottom and be difficult to get at.

This part of the process came out right.  I guess when there is more than two steps in a project it is one too many for me 😦

Click this link to MyLilTreasureTrove to see the right way to do this.

Instead of throwing the whole thing away I’ve created a “pocket” to  house the piece that I’ve screwed up on.

I cut a piece of the DCWV Street Lace paper (12 x 12) to 4″ x 12″.  I laid it horizontally on my Martha Steward Score Board and scored at 2-1/2, 2-3/4, and 3″.

Turn the paper around and do the same, horizontally, to the other side.  Making your score marks at 2-1/2, 2-3/4, and 3″.  My messed up insert measures 6″ wide.  I have a 6″ gap between the two sets of score lines on the paper I just worked with.

Now, flip the paper vertically and score on the left side ONLY at 1/2, 3/4, and 1″.

Fold on all of the score lines.  Now it is time to cut away the excess along the bottom.  Cut the horizontal 1″ fold all the way to the 3″ vertical fold.

When you get finished cutting it will look like this.

Refold this piece to make it look like this.

Add adhesive of your choice to the bottom of the two flaps.

Attach the two flaps to the bottom fold and secure in place.

Decorate the front before you attach it to your page.  Give yourself about 2-1/2 inches clearance from the bottom of the layout to make it easier to reach in to take the mini out of the pocket.

Once you have the front of the pocket decorated add the adhesive of your choice to the bottom of the pocket and the two flaps.

Adhere this pocket to your page and insert your mini.  This is how to fix an oopsie without tossing all your previous hard work out.

Now, no one will ever know that you put this mini album insert together backwards 😀  No, the pocket is not glued on crooked.  I am NOT proficient with hot glue.  My yellow and black ribbon piece is what is crooked and I don’t want to tear it all apart and damage the dang thing.  So…..it’s supposed to be crooked 😀

Take the pressure off yourself to be PERFECT!  You will never be perfect BUT you will be fantastic!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gardenpinks
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 17:51:39

    Great rescue there Leslie. After watching the video I could see how easily it would be to mess this mini album up but yours has come good and looks good too 🙂
    I’ve never made any of these albums,perhaps one day I might have a go although I’m wondering who amongst our family would be interested in receiving one! LOL

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Aug 29, 2012 @ 07:31:52

      I wonder if you could adapt the first part (that I messed up) into a greeting card? I guess it would not have to be 6″ x 6″. Sure would be a lot of “real estate” to stamp and emboss to your heart’s content 😀

      Maybe you can ruminated on that while you are tending your garden with the pruning and weed pulling. Maybe you are finally finished with that physical labor…you’ll be to distracted by Dylan, when you spend time at your daughter’s home, to think of much except what he will be getting into next 😀

      Thank you Lynn, for all your support in my crafty endeavors 😀

      Love you – Leslie


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