Last of the Thank You cards.

I’ve finally finished the 12 cards I set out to make while home this time.  Well….they are not quite finished just yet.  I still have to put a piece of white card stock inside most of the cards for a place to write a note and I need to make envelopes.  I’ll do that later this afternoon.

For the first card I used a metal piece from the Hodge Podge Hardware set from Stampin’ Up!  I don’t think this particular set is available any longer, but it still might be.

Hodge Podge from Stampin' Up!

Hodge Podge  Hardware from Stampin’ Up!

Of all the cards I’ve recently made this one is the one I really like the best.

Card #8

Card #8

Into the last set of cards cut using one of the Club Scrap Cardmaking Idea Deck things which I’ve chosen the brown and turquoise paper.  I’ve still stuck with the two stamp sets throughout this series of 12 cards.  This time I’ve added ribbon to some and one I’ve used a border punch.

This next card I thought I’d use glitter on only three of the flowers.  That looked pretty bad!  Instead of tossing the piece I brought out the mica water colors and filled the flowers in.

Card #9

Card #9

Oh, look.  I forgot to color in one of the flowers 😦  Oh well it’s still all good.

The next card I brought out my turquoise embossing powder to use on the flourish stamp.

Card #10

Card #10

The next card my creativity took a trip, my “mojo” got distracted, I began to run out of steam 😉  I attached ribbon to each of the strips cut from the card stock and punched the sentiment using a decorative punch from Stampin’ Up!

Card #11

Card #11

The final card I used a border punch on the last two pieces of cuts from the card stock.  Hmmmm, that thing I had Heather do on one of her cards would fit in good right about now.  I used a white gel pen to make tiny dots following along the scallops of the border punch on both the brown and the turquoise.  A piece of ribbon was added to the little set and called it done.

Card #12

Card #12

Now I have 12 “Thank You” cards in varying degrees of feminine and masculine that I can mail or hand out while I’m on the road.  Just in case I need one, or more, I will have them and won’t have to daily remind myself to find a store for the needed cards.

Who wants to place a bet on me remembering I have them?  Any takers? 😉  I think the question really should be me remembering WHERE I stashed them so they won’t get folded, spindled, and mutilated in my purse or my day book case.

If there is anything to take away from this brief stint of card making it is that you don’t have to have a lot of “stuff” to make cards.  I’ve done these with two stamp sets and various embellishments, supplies, punches, and what-nots.  Also, having the card stock cut in a particular way before hand you can get creative with your supplies and tools to make each card different and unique.

A new week has begun.  Hope you enjoy each day of it.



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen Mathis
    May 21, 2012 @ 16:47:49

    my favorites are #10 and #12. Love the color palette and that brown paper is great. Is it embossed, or is it just printed to look that way? It looks so dimensional!


    • Message In A Fold
      May 22, 2012 @ 07:09:42

      Thank you Maureen for your sweet comment. The brown paper has a rough texture to the front side while the reverse is a lighter shade of brown (the same color as the swirl image) and is smooth. This brown paper is from an old Club Scrap collection. I’ve searched the site and it seems the paper is no longer available.

      The turquoise paper is from another Club Scrap collection. The inspiration for the color choices for this set was a pillow I had seen in a store window while visiting our daughters in Phoenix.

      Love you – Leslie


  2. gardenpinks
    May 21, 2012 @ 17:27:17

    Fab cards Leslie and my favourites from this last four are the same as Maureen’s 🙂 Flourishes are another favourite! Although I’d be happy to receive any of these 12 cards. Well done on gettng your 12 Thank You cards done and with so little waste 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      May 22, 2012 @ 07:28:50

      Thank you, Lynn for your gracious comment 🙂 This has been a challenge for me. The absolute best part of using the Idea Deck is the small amount of card stock waste. I have more waste from making the envelopes for each of the cards than I did actually making the cards.

      Love you – Leslie


  3. aspot2stamp
    May 22, 2012 @ 11:07:04

    Been loving your cards. The brown and terquiose colors together look so elegant I think anyway. I love all the cards I think we all have a learning curve when we do tings that arent the norm for us. I really like that card making deck you use.

    take care.

    Love and HUgs


    • Message In A Fold
      May 23, 2012 @ 22:06:37

      Thank you, Shelly :-). The further a person goes in a task the more they learn. About the task and themselves 🙂

      I like using the Idea Deck too. Challenges my brain 😉

      Love you – Leslie


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