Macaroni experiment in progress

We delivered our trucks in Wilmer, Texas yesterday.  These past couple of weeks have been fraught with so many opportunities.  You know, problems in the making to opportunities.

I should be posting this to my “Foolishness and Mayhem” blog but I’m going to do it here.  Only because I have photos and a video in the works…that is if I can have more than 10 minutes to do them at a time.

After delivering our trucks we got a call from our  neighbor.  The managers of our mobile home park are coming down on all of the residents to clean up their lots.  Joe had left a couple of tire carcasses near our porch that needed to be taken to the tire shop we deal with to be disposed of and some pieces of equipment of Joe’s has been neatly stacked and out of the way but has incurred the wrath of the park management.  The note said to move it NOW or they would do it for us.  So we came straight home from Wilmer to take care of these items.

Plus, the water pump Joe had replaced in our pickup two weeks ago has been leaking a little so back to the original shop that fixed it in the first place.  Which is also near home.  Turns out a hose clamp was faulty when it was installed and the culprit for the leaks.  Our porch is cleared off, tires taken to the shop, equipment stored away and we have spiffed up our end.

The consensus is the park is up for sale and they want to do curb appeal fixes to put on a good face.  Now they spruce the place up – go figure.

Okay, enough of that and on to the real stuff I’m wanting to write about.

I had mentioned in my “Because I can’t read – Challenge” post using macaroni as a stamp or a mask.  I tried it and the results are promising.  Needs a little bit of polish and a do over or two but I think this might be something worth looking into later when I have several days to putter around.

Spaghetti noodles as masks, and elbow macaroni as flowers.  A bit hit and miss but it does work.

Elbow macaroni flowers and spaghetti noodle masks

Elbow macaroni flowers and spaghetti noodle masks

I laid the spaghetti noodles on a scrap piece of Whisper White card stock then spritzed with my brew.  This worked until the paper curled from the wet then the noodles rolled all over the place.  Even after I dried the paper with my heat tool.

Spaghetti noodles vs. repositionable adhesive.  Noodles 1 – repositionable adhesive 0.

I then took an Elbow Macaroni, pounced it on a Cameo Coral ink pad to make the “pink” flowers.  Then Brilliant Blue for the other flower.

One thing I feared was the moisture in the ink would soak into the noodle and then make it mushy.  No, that does not happen.  The noodle stays dry and firm while the ink does not penetrate into the noodle.

NOTE:  Cameo Coral, Brilliant Blue, Whisper White are Stampin’ Up! products.  The inks may be discontinued – I don’t know.  The Whisper White card stock is still available – at least I think it still is.

Next experiment in progress got interrupted by an untimely knock on my window with exclamations of needing help outside to get things cleaned up.  Which meant that Joe was finally ready to get cracking on the task of cleaning, purging, and putting away his stuff from outside.

I have a piece of vellum from Club Scrap that I used in a plastic Stampin’ Up! stamp box.  Repositionable tape to hold the paper inside the lid.  I put several elbow macaroni pieces in the larger bottom of the box and several drops of Faded Jeans Distress Ink (Tim Holtz) in with the macaroni.  Give the box a good shake and bouncing racket and the results are….

Vellum, Faded Jeans Distress Ink, and elbow macaroni

Vellum, Faded Jeans Distress Ink, and elbow macaroni

Six hours later and the ink is still wet on the Vellum.  I’m going to leave it over night then see how it turns out tomorrow morning.  Vellum is not as porous as card stock is.  It is notorious for ink smears, smudges, and all ill manner of whimper inducing bad stuff when not handled properly.

Any type of ink application to Vellum REQUIRES administering hot air via the heat tool to set the inks.

Liquid ink from the reinker DOES soak into the macaroni.  Discolors it to be exact.  I’m leaving these bits to dry to hopefully play with them once again tomorrow.

Distress Ink stained elbow macaroni

Distress Ink stained elbow macaroni

We still have to go back to Nashville for the final set of trucks to be delivered to Wilmer, Texas.  However the dealership in Wilmer is not open on the weekend for delivery so we have to plan our driving over the weekend to be able to deliver on Monday.  Then it will be back toward home to get trucks from the Port of Catoosa, near Tulsa, Oklahoma to be taken to Las Vegas, Nevada.  That is all for next week.

I’m only focusing on tomorrow and getting to play before I have to go back to work.



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  1. aspot2stamp
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 00:04:33

    We live in a very picky park, we cant plant or build anything without first getting approval something our elderly neighbor did and had to tear down what had just been built 😦 We felt so sorry for her and the lattice looked really pretty and would have been beautiful with the climbing flowers she had planned for it. All that aside I am happy to hear you got home to get things taken care ofand even had some time to play. I had a thought on your vellum about using pigment ink refills or versa mark refill along with some clear or colored embossing powder?? maybe some metallic kind would look pretty. just my 2 cents 🙂 I am up way too late still having tons of mouth pain and cant see dentist til thursday boo hoo. Any way things will all work out i’m sure but I am ready for it to do that NOW . I always love seeing your posts.

    Much love and hugs sent to both you and Joe


    • Maureen Mathis
      Apr 25, 2012 @ 00:17:57

      Have you tried some hot moist heat? Sometimes heat can be quite comforting, and it will encourage blood flow to the healing area. Mouth pain is the worst kind, I think. It seems to affect your entire head and LIFE! And when you need to ice it, if you have an elastic bandage around the house, sometimes you can use that to keep a package of frozen vegetables on your jaw. You’ll look like a mummy at Halloween, but hey, whatever helps, right? What’s wrong with just showing up at the dentists office on Wed? If you show up as miserable as it sounds like you are, with big ol’ crocodile tears about how much it hurts, they’ll work you in or get you in with someone else, perhaps. They won’t turn you away when they can see your swollen face! Good luck, and keep us posted!


      • aspot2stamp
        Apr 25, 2012 @ 14:01:47

        Moist heat is what they have had me doing. I was icing with the frozen peas and corn before that 🙂 The dentist is not in the office today and he is a single practice. It is still hurting like crazy. I have never had dry socket so I dont know what it feels like. I am wondering if I am getting an infection? Will find out tomorrow morning I guess. It now feels like I have a tooth ache in several teeth both upper and lower . Will keep everyone posted.
        Thanks for the advise
        Hugs and love,

      • Message In A Fold
        Apr 26, 2012 @ 06:19:37

        Aww geez. I’m so sorry Shelly that you are in such pain and have to wait another day longer. I think a person can withstand pain in other parts of the body so much easier than in the head or teeth. Seriously, I hope this gets fixed today when you see the dentist.

        Love you my Friend and I’ve been praying for your healing.


    • Message In A Fold
      Apr 25, 2012 @ 06:35:37

      Yow!! Maureen in right! You go to the dentist’s office today and let them know exactly how much pain you are in and they will fit you in. You may have to be seen by a different dentist in the office, or if it is like ours with only one you will be seen between patients.

      Does your pain radiate into the ear on the side of your face where the tooth was pulled? Does it radiate up into your eye on the side the tooth was pulled? You had the tooth pulled on the 19th or 20th? That was five days ago, at least, and the pain should have begun subsiding after day three. You may have a “Dry Socket” which is no fun at all. This sometimes happens after a particularly rough time of getting the tooth out. You did mention the dentist stitched the wound. If so I don’t know how the blood clot would have been dislodged (that is what causes the Dry Socket).

      If you want to wait until your appointment try the frozen vegetable compress Maureen suggested. See if that helps with the pain. Leave the cold compress on for 25 minutes then off for 5 minutes and back on again. Continue until the pain begins to diminish and the swelling lessens.

      One other thing. If you have a foul odor or a bad taste in your mouth get your butt to the dentist right away. You could have an infection and you don’t want that to go unchecked. An infection or an abscess can lead to undermining the strength and health of the teeth next to the extraction.

      Sorry my friend. I am not trying to be the “Prophet of Gloom and Doom” or cause you to be overly afraid. I’m just concerned for you and worried at the intensity and length of your pain.

      On to your “2 cents” about my macaroni experiment I think I will mess about with some metallic embossing powders and see what happens.

      Let us know how you are doing with your dental problem, we do care about you and don’t like to hear of you suffering. And I am not using the “Royal We” either.

      Love you my Friend – Leslie


      • aspot2stamp
        Apr 25, 2012 @ 15:03:10

        In our area oral surgeons are few and far between 😦 like I told Maureen I too am wondering about infection. I have 2 stitches it looks like on the inner and outer gum and an X across the opening .the 4 outside stitches are not connected to the X or it appears that way when you look into my mouth. As far as the foul taste I still have the metal kind of taste just not as much as over the weekend. I have babied this thing following the oral care to the T and dont remember having anything like this years ago when I had tooth pulled 20++++ to be exact. But maybe it did and I just dont remember it. Never had dry socket so that too I’m not sure of?? I will find out tomorrow when I see the Dentist. I think it was a very brutal extraction and am also wondering about the nerves down deep and maybe some refered pain from them?? Brian looked in my mouth last night and said it looks like there are scratches around it like it took alot to get it out Which it did. I should have taken the laughing gas they offered but it was another 75.00 on top of the procedure and we just didnt have the fundage. Any way I was shaking like a leaf by the time it was all said and done. If there is ever a next time and I hope NOT!! I will get gassed for sure!!! I will keep ya’ll posted on whats happening. We are in the red area for severe weather today and tonight so I am hoping we just get rain and thats it but will have to wait to see.

        Hope you are able get some crafting experiments done and will wait to see what crafty goodness it produces.

        Love and hugs,

      • Message In A Fold
        Apr 26, 2012 @ 06:26:57

        Holy Cow! You did mention that the dentist had a really hard time getting your tooth to come loose from the bone. You are in my prayers, and have been, for the pain to stop and the wounded area to heal. I will continue to pray for you since that is all I can do.

        Hope you did just get rain in your area and nothing more from the severe weather.

        Love you – Leslie

      • Maureen Mathis
        Apr 25, 2012 @ 15:31:08

        I kept reading, waiting for Leslie to say she was coming over with some of those damned Therma Care heat pads….I was headed out the door to come SAVE YOU Shelly!

      • aspot2stamp
        Apr 25, 2012 @ 16:29:28

        Hee hee 🙂
        When I was little I was always the health care kind of kid….Yup I bought bandaids instead of candy like the rest. Well my Dad has alot of back issues and I watched the commercials for absorbene Jr. and saved to buy some for him. I had him lay on the floor like a good patient and applied the stuff to his back and he said it was heating up and did seem to feel better…….until he stood up and the excess pooled product ran down his back and ummmm…..bum crack…… Needless to say that didnt feel very…well….good. So no more back therapy from a 10 year old !! we still laugh about this every time his back flairs up.maybe I should suggest the therma care wraps though they really could give him some relief and save himself from the ….. you know other products side effect 🙂
        Hey maybe Leslie was gonna use the therma wraps on the dentist for making me wait so long 🙂


      • Message In A Fold
        Apr 26, 2012 @ 06:43:56

        That is hilarious 😀 Your poor Dad probably had less of a back ache after your ministrations I bet. His focus was taken off his back and on to other regions 😀 Glad the two of you can laugh about it today.

        Indeed, I do think a Heat Wrap threat to your dentist from me might do the trick in getting your pain solved 😀

        Love you – Leslie

      • Message In A Fold
        Apr 26, 2012 @ 06:28:48

        Oh my stinkin’ heck – you are so funny. Don’t make her laugh – it hurts too much :D. You can make me laugh though – which you have done.

        Love you my Friend – Leslie

  2. Maureen Mathis
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 00:10:49

    Good progress on the macaroni challenge. I’m hoping to do mine Wednesday.

    Wait just a minute there, sister – Why is it that YOU have to help JOE clean up HIS MESS when HE DON”T DO NOTHIN’ to help clean up your craft room?!! Whatever happened to equal RIGHTS! That DON’T mean that whatever HE says is RIGHT!!!

    On the other hand, I think you’d kill him with those dang Therma Care Heat Wraps if he EVER dared tell you where and how to store your crafty stuff, and why don’t you throw these things away and why in the WORLD do you need so many of these things and this stamp looks just like THAT one, so toss this one and why do you need 8 shades of pink ink and what are my nuts and bolts doing in YOUR room……

    Yeah, maybe that late night epiphany wasn’t such a great idea AFTER ALL….!!!

    Be safe! And go give Joe a HUG from me!


    • Message In A Fold
      Apr 25, 2012 @ 06:44:23

      You are way too funny 😀 I’d string Joe up with the Heat Wraps if he dared to tell me what to do with my crafty stuff or mention throwing any of it out.

      I don’t tell him what to do with his “crap” and he doesn’t tell me what to do with my “crap”. The only thing I’ve gone bonkers over is a gas barbeque grill that bit the dust about five years ago and has been replaced by a newer charcoal model about four years ago. He tells me all the time (when I ask him to toss the old one) he wants to take pieces off of the old one to add to the newer one.

      Are all men a bit “tetched in the haid”? No matter, it is finally done and the old grill is at the street awaiting pick up by the trash detail. I’ve passed your hug on 😀

      Love you my friend – Leslie


  3. gardenpinks
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 17:03:42

    I’ve had a hoot reading some of these messages and I was going to say something along similar lines as Maureen about equality and all that crap 🙂
    Shelly sorry to hear you are still suffering and hope you don’t have an infection big hugs coming your way.

    I haven’t yet seen Shelly’s video – darn internet connection! But from what is being said regards shaking the pasta in a box over paper I saw a similar thing on Stamp TV with Gina K (Youtube videos Gina does when I had a good internet connection!) and she did a similar thing with marbles.
    Leslie try the heat gun – from a good distance and keep it moving – on the vellum otherwise that ink won’t dry! The only ink that dries reliably on vellum is Stazon.

    Glad to hear that the it was only a faulty clamp on the water pump!
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Apr 26, 2012 @ 06:49:14

      Joe interrupted me in the middle of the vellum and Faded Jeans Distress reinker. I left the wetted vellum to dry on its own while our neighbors, Joe, and I got his stuff sorted out. I’ll have to check on the video from Gina K and the marble thing.

      Poor Shelly. I sure do hope her jaw pain subsides quickly and her dentist can figure out what is causing her so much distress. That girl has grit. She still has her sense of humor intact even through the severe pain. My hat is off to her.

      Hope you and Rod are well and the weather is being kind to the both of you.

      Love you – Leslie


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