My time at home is over.

We’ve had to take our work pickup to the repair shop for some maintenance.  The cost this time was more than we expected.  The front brakes were bad, calipers (whatever those are) were bad, some kind of rod or piece was about to break off and leave us stranded on the road, and the front end needed to be aligned.  The water pump sprung a leak on Joe before he headed for home last week.  We are now in the hole and it is time for me to get out there and earn money to get us back into a better financial status.

Since this is my last day at home I’m making the best of it in my craft room.  It is a terrible mess right now but I’ve promised myself that it will be cleaned up before I go to bed tonight.

Joe  has two trucks out of Dallas at Steven’s Transport.  There are two men there that have been very helpful to us.  Joe calls to let them know when we will be arriving and they have the trucks ready for us and waiting.  When there is a problem these two guys stop what they are doing and come to take care of us.

In appreciation for their help I have made them Post-It-Note holders as my way of thanking them.   The first one is for a man named Art.  He is a Marine and a Native American of the Apache clan.

I searched the internet for a photo of anything that would be strictly Apache and I found some really old photos of Apache chiefs.  I downloaded and printed one of the photos off and adhered it to the base of the holder.  Then I added several things Marine related.

The stickers are from K&Company.  Several of the stickers are layered and raised to look 3D.  Here is my creation.

Warriors - Apache and Marine

Warriors - Apache and Marine

K&Company 3D Stickers

K&Company 3D stickers

The next one is for a man named Cherry.  He and his wife have purchased a home and he is remodeling it.  When I asked him what kinds of things he was interested in he told me he loves building things.  Then he told me about the work he is doing on their home.

The stickers I’ve used are from Creative Imaginations and Jolee.  I had to get Joe’s opinion on this one.  I thought I had it way to busy.  Joe is happy with it so I guess it is good.

Construction related holder

Construction related holder

Some of the dimensional stickers

Some of the dimensional stickers

I’ve also been working on the faux “Configuration Box” I made from Foam Core.  I covered the larger box with paper from Stampin’ Up! I purchased last winter.  The sewing themed paper.  I’ve used a die from Tim Holtz – the dress form – and some of my scraps of paper to create the dress.  I spent quite a lot of time adhering seed beads to the top of the dress.  My finger tips have burn spots from using the hot glue gun.  After a while I gave up on that and used a couple of the half back pearl swirls and flourishes to give my fingers a bit of a break.

To cover up a few spots where the paper inside didn’t actually meet and cover the Foam Core I added some clear beads that are strung together and on a spool.  These were adhered with hot glue inside the box.

One of the faux configuration boxes I've started working on

One of the faux configuration boxes I've started working on

The lace on the outer rim of the box is hemming lace.  That was adhered with hot glue.  I’ve added a “belt” to the dress from some word ribbon I have had forever.  That also was adhered with hot glue.  Up in the top right corner I have a really huge gap in the paper and the Foam Core.  There I’ve adhered a feather and some of the flowers I made earlier in February or January.

I had to take a look at this in the box to see what it would look like.  Pretty good too and I’m pretty pleased with how this is coming together.

Checking out how my work looks in the box

Checking out how my work looks in the box

The dress form I’ve attached to a scrap piece of Foam Core and then attached it all to the back of the box so it will stand out away from the back.

Adhered the dress form to a piece of Foam Core scrap

Adhered the dress form to a piece of Foam Core scrap

I’m going to be putting three 1/2″ thread spools in the left bottom corner where the feather now lives.  I have a lot of eyelash yarn and I’ve wound some of each color on the spools to make it – sort of – look like thread.  These spools I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  There are 24 in a bag for $1.47 and they are all wood.

1/2" spools covered with eyelash yarn

1/2" spools covered with eyelash yarn

I need to get back in my room and finish the boxes I’ve created for the Post-It-Note holders.  Make a belly band for the boxes and make my “MIAF” logo button things.  Then I’ll work a little longer on my faux configuration box.  See how far I will get before I have to shut it all down and clean up this mess.

Work in progress :-)

Work in progress 🙂

There is a possibility that I will be able to play again in a couple weeks, but that is not set in stone right now.  My next posts will be on my other blog – Foolishness and Mayhem.  I’m off to my room to get creative while I still can.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jessica
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 15:06:47

    Well…I am a new subscriber, and completely disappointed that you are going to work! I know, we have to do what we have to do. I am really disappointed because I really like your embellisment style and your projects. I just hope that you get back on track real soon and get to play again!
    I was going to post lt week, and decided not to, but now I have to! LOL!
    The configuration boxes look great!


    • Message In A Fold
      Apr 11, 2012 @ 22:38:35

      Jessica, thank you for your sweet comment. I’m bummed also 😦 Drat and double drat.

      I appreciate you telling me you like my crafting. I see so many beautiful things people make and feel inferior. I’m just like everyone else who crafts. Super critical of my own stuff and abilities. I hope to see some of your work one day 🙂

      Thank you for your compliment on my faux configuration box 🙂 I appreciate it.

      Late spring, through summer, and late fall I am an over the road truck driver and I whine a lot about it. I do get to see nearly every crook and cranny of these United States though. I share all of it with the readers of my other blog. You can keep track of the "Foolishness and Mayhem" there. I’ll be home from time to time to do a little bit of crafting, but not much.

      Thank you again – Leslie


  2. gardenpinks
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 17:14:23

    What a bummer with the truck Leslie, hope it will soon be fixed but I know what a huge dent it can leave in the finances – it is why we haven’t got a vehicle, just can’t afford it.

    The post it note holders are great and I’m sure your friends will be pleased that you thought of them in this way.

    The compartment of your configuration box is delightful, really great. Love that.
    I shall be keeping up with you on your other blog xx

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Apr 11, 2012 @ 22:47:18

      You are so right. Vehicles, necessary for our way of life, but so very expensive to maintain. Thankfully we can keep Gladys running for another while.

      Thank you for your sweet comment on my Post-Its. I’m just glad I was able to get them finished and ready to deliver. I have several that will be dropped off at Tim’s office on our way to Illinois. Thank you, also, for your kind words on my faux configuration box. Drat and double drat. Stinks that I have to leave now that I was finally getting my mojo back 😦 Oh well, such is life.

      Love you – Leslie


  3. Pati Mishler
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 20:35:05

    I am so sorry to hear you had troubles with your work truck, i know, we have to get in there and help with the finances here and there. I have GOT to tell you, i think you have done a MARVELOUS job with your post it notes, good job gal. I also will be keeping up with you on your other blog, take care, be careful on the road. Love you sis and joe.


    • Message In A Fold
      Apr 11, 2012 @ 22:49:08

      Hey Sis 🙂 Sorry for not being better at keeping in touch with you. I’m happy to see your comment here.

      Thank you for your sweet comment on my Post-Its. I appreciate you Sis – and love you too 😀 Hopefully Joe and I can swing through Kansas sometime and come knocking on your door to say hi and get a hug 🙂

      Love you Sis


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