Lost my crafting Mojo

I’ve been so busy with my website and my Day Job paperwork.  I feel like I’m tied to this computer and anytime now I’m going to meld with it.

I’ve gone into my craft room to start something.  Anything!  Something to get the thought of the website out of my head.  I just stand there and go totally brain dead.

It was good to have Heather over to give my brain a shift in a different direction.

There was a time when I looked at everyday, ordinary, objects I’d get excited about using the inspiration in a craft project.   This photo is one such thing that sparked my imagination.

Public restroom floor

Public restroom floor

The pattern caught my eye.  It is just a section of floor in a public restroom.  Yes, I bent over near the wash basin to take this photo.  I remember there were three other women in there with me.  Funny now to think about them bending over with me, or leaning, to see what I found so fascinating.  And why I was taking a picture of the floor!

For the life of me I can’t even remember what it was that inspired me or what I thought of doing with a pattern similar to this.

Where, oh where has my Mojo gone?!  I’ve buried it somewhere.    Poor thing is lost and I need to go find it 😦

Until I find my creative desire again, tell me what you would do with the pattern shown in the photo.  What would you do with it.  Maybe if I read some of your ideas I might remember where I put my Mojo 😀

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nancy
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 15:06:45

    Hello, my dear friend!
    I’ve been so out of touch and I’ve missed everyone so much! I’ve been working very hard on getting through my mess of a mailbox and I hope to get back into the groove of things! When this popped into the top of my box…I thought there’s no time like the present! 🙂
    Your inspiration photo is fabulous! You’ll never guess what it’s inspired me to do! I’m going to go bake a pie! haha Yes, I am! I haven’t made one in FOREVER! Don’t ask me why…and perhaps it’s just the food/Leslie’s blog connection…but there you have it! My husband will thank you for it! lol
    So, now that I’m trying to get things back on track, are any of your challenges still open? If they aren’t do you think you could come up with a new challenge to get your mojo going? I was so sorry to miss out on all of the fun 😦
    If that does’t work for you, let me know and I’ll see if I can find a “kick in the pants” for you to help you out! We can’t have you with no mojo when I’m wanting to be back in the loop!
    Okay, off to make that pie! Thank you for the inspiration! BTW…no calories in an inspiration pie, right?
    Nancy 🙂
    (you know…the one who used to hang out here before she got lost)


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 16, 2012 @ 21:28:57

      Pie!? You missed “Pi” day 😀 You know – the math what’s it – Pi – R – Squared. One of my daughters long time friends posted a photo on her Facebook page with a pie, inscribed with the “Pi” symbol as the venting hole. Genius or what? 😀 Oh and one BONUS. A “Pi” pie has ZERO calories 😀 Sounds good to me anyway 😀

      The only challenges I have are getting myself away from the computer and go do some crafting. That is the challenge right now 😉 Enjoy your pie 😀 At least someone drew some inspiration!


  2. aspot2stamp
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 15:18:12

    Maybe some faux tiles ? Kinda looks like honey comb so maybe something with bees ? maybe different color strips off set? I can so relate I have a note book in my purse that I keep with me for this very thing 🙂 I took some notes on the exam room at the pediatritions office the last time I had the kids there. My thought was cobble stone in grays and rusty browns as a background. I dont have a stamp like stones but had thought of the extra pieces of rubber left over from the stampin up stamps to put on a block in a haphazzard pattern and maybe the faux tile cracked with utee clear powder. I am not sure when the idea with come to life. Got a call that my Mom was taken by ambulence to the hospital and transfered to Champaign again. I will be going over with my dad this evening so I will try to post again on my blog later. How is Joe doing out on the road? Been keeping you all in my thoughts.
    Hope your mojo starts to flow again soon, I hate when I’m like that 😦 Maybe try Janns Idea about just a few minutes at a time on some small bits and pieces to get the motor primed.

    Love ya 🙂


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 16, 2012 @ 21:34:27

      Oh my. Sorry to hear about your Mom. She must be pretty ill this time to be transferred to Champagne. I’ll bet you are beside yourself.

      Not doing any crafting, you would not believe one syllable of that if you saw my craft table. Piles of stuff from each of Heather’s visits. I’ve seriously GOT to get a handle on myself in that room. The rest of the house I’ve been good about putting things back when I’m done with them. Not in there, though.

      I’ll keep you and your Mom in my thoughts and prayers. As well as the rest of your family.


  3. gardenpinks
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 17:31:40

    Like Shelly’s ideas and I can’t add to them I’m afraid 😦 It isn’t my mojo that has gone awol but motivation…just now I can find 1001 excuses not to do anything. It was that damn flu bug that did it. The most exciting thng I have done lately is to stamp and emboss sheets of tissue paper or paint them with shimmery ‘stuff’ and over stamp them and then spend ages cutting up those sheets into squares and rectangles to adhere to my old battered wooden table. That little owl you sent me has come in handy for that too and now that most of the pieces of tissue are adhered to the table the kiddies spend ages hunting for certain birds or gold owls or peacock feathers or lines of music:) Keeps them amused! When I can be bothered I will do a post to my blog showing the almost completed table. It has certainly brightened that up!
    Love and hugs and happy mojo hunting
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 16, 2012 @ 21:37:42

      Your project sounds to be fun. Especially since it is already getting the “Stamp of Approval” from your grandchildren 😀 as they hunt for the delightful images you have hidden throughout.

      I’m glad to hear you are feeling better and seeing the back side of that flu virus. Maybe it will stay gone longer this year and your energy level will come back.

      I’ll eagerly await a note from you about your latest project being completed and put up on your blog for all the world to see and enjoy 😀


  4. Maureen Mathis
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 18:03:47

    your picture reminds me of a sizzix die I purchased and have not used ONCE. Why do we do that? Spend so much money on supplies, that we can’t bother to use?? I think I’ll bust out that die (it’s a bunch of hexagons – I think they created a bunch of dies for quilters) and make a card out of it!

    I just finished up a small birthday party for my mom with some of her friends – check out the pix on facebook! That banner took FOREVER, but she really liked it. I just don’t know if it was worth it! And now this week I get to do another one for a baby shower I’m helping to host – and I don’t know if I have it in me to do another one! Then I’ll need to work on creating 32 cute and decorative labels for a bunch of scented sugar scrubs that Shannon and I did for the party favors. But first I need to run by Hobby Lobby before they close tonight to get the paper – yay! And tomorrow I had one student sign up for a class at Michaels, so that will be fun!

    Oh, tell Heather that definitely needs to do more scrapbook pages of her boys. They are SO MUCH FUN to let their GIRLFRIENDS look through when they get older! Tell her I say Hi!

    And let us know the update on Joe’s spells; we’ve all been thinking about and praying for his health.


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