Color coded navigation bars.

Seriously?!  This website building has taken on a life of its own.  Looking through it and making changes I have been getting totally confused by what is there and what isn’t.

Using my FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software I can’t seem to remember what has been uploaded to the site and what hasn’t so I had to resort to some “Organizing”.

You know, like when you have to go clean a room that is beyond a 15 minute pick up.  A room that has been the place to stash and dash to keep the rest of the house neat.

I spent most of yesterday adding new information and then not remembering what went up and what didn’t.  So I tackled it by applying the “Keep, Toss, Give Away” principals of sorting and purging.

When you go to my website now, you will see the “Navigation” buttons have been stored in their own color category.  I have a guide for the “Web Safe Colors” and just picked numbers at random.  I had to keep a cheat sheet to remember what section was which color.

For me it has been a help.  When something hasn’t been uploaded then I see it right away as a glaring problem.  Before everything was the same and it was too easy for me to pass over the problem.

Heather will be coming by today to have another session 😀  I’ve cleaned off the kitchen table top in preparation for today’s work.  She is going to be doing some distressing and inking.  Today is going to be all about layers and we are going to get “Artsy“.  She is going to be using my hand held punches as well.

I’m trying to get her familiar with all the various “Techniques” so she has a good grounding in paper crafting which can be translated between scrapbook layouts and greeting cards.

As seasoned crafters we know the two work well together.  For a new person coming in to this they don’t realize that the line is blurred.  If you can do scrapbook layouts you can make greeting cards and the reverse is true as well.

The only major difference is the size of the project.  Greeting cards have a small foot print to be creative where as the scrapbook layouts have a large foot print.

In making scrapbook layouts there are areas that get all the attention.  One of the four corners or the center area.  Getting the focal point in a scrapbook layout is a bit of a challenge if you go about it as you would a card front.  All of the elements would be lumped in one spot leaving it to look like a single boat on an ocean out in the middle of no where.

I have to begin working her brain around the fact that each area of the scrapbook layout is akin to making four cards and giving the piece a cohesive look.  She will be better able to translate that into a smaller scale creation when I get her into making cards.

Her boys will be having birthdays.  Right now the only communication she gets with them is in her weekly visits.  She is not allowed to have contact with the Foster Parents nor have their address.  Sending cards to the boys during the week is out of the question.  However, she can make birthday cards and have them passed on to the birthday boy.  That is the only concession the powers that be will allow.

I’m not going to go on a rant about the DHS system.  It’s been broke since its inception and will never get fixed.  Trust me – been right in the midst of it myself.

My aim is to get Heather focused on the future.  She will have many birthdays with her boys as they grow up in her home.  Right now it is a speed bump she will just have to maneuver around and go over.  She will have lots of photos of the school programs her boys will be in when they get old enough to start school.  She will have photos of their “First Day” and of the excitement that holds.  She will have all of the holidays with them in her home.

The future is what I’m trying to get her focused on and not just today and the injustice of the crap going on.

Sorry, got sidelined there.  I’ll have photos in tomorrow’s post of what we do today.

Easter will be here in the US on April 8th.  Crafters break out the pastels and create all kinds of cute things for greeting cards.  I’m going to show Heather how she can make a two page Easter themed layout for her boys photos and how that will translate into making cards for them in her next visit with me.

So stay tuned.  Hopefully you will get an idea for your own creativity.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. aspot2stamp
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 10:51:26

    Hi Leslie,
    Cant wait to see what Heather has created. I am gonna make time to check out your site changes today. All your work sounds like rocket science to me. 🙂
    I was able to work on my bedroom space last night and got it kinda straightened up and Brian even got several totes packed ready to go the the shed today Woo Hoo !!
    We are planning on a small vacation over spring break so I want to get a few supplies to take with me so I can craft in the down time. First it needs to be cleaned enough to get to what I need 🙂
    have a fun crafty day.
    Hugs and love


  2. gardenpinks
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 17:33:22

    Don’t let that website control you Leslie! You are in control of it 🙂 Yes it is easy to get bogged down and confused so when it came time to upload via FTP there was a facility within my FTP programme to only upload the pages that had changed or been updated so I didn’t have to worry about which ones had to be done. Made life so much easier.

    That is wicked of the system to not let Heather contact the boys between visits, at their young age they could easily forget her. I sometimes wonder about these ‘systems’ and who they are really working for. Jill is still battling to against her ex to stop him from having too much contact as he has proved beyond doubt be cannot act responsibly but her solicitor (which has cost her and Darren thousands) has proved ineffectual. Six hours she was at the family court on Monday, Rod went with her as Darren couldn’t get any more time off work. Her appointment was for 2 pm and she didn’t get into court until nearly 5 pm!!! Having the solicitor there all that time cost them £1200. The outcome wasn’t good as far as we were concerned and her solicitor failed her utterly – the magistrates of the family court were more interested in the father’s rights than Liam’s well being. Jill has realised that she has been too nice and now the gloves are off! So wish we had the money to hire a barrister – hey ho.
    Hope you and Heather had a great crafty session together

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 14, 2012 @ 19:57:11

      Crapazoid! I’m so sorry to hear about your Jill’s fight with the system. I tell you, Shakespeare’s admonishment low those many, many years ago still ring true today. Most of the people in the legal profession need to be flogged with those bendy switches used in one of the Asian countries. Something that leaves a forever mark on their bodies!

      I get so sick of it. Heather is taking all of the Parenting Classes, has a full time job, is doing everything asked of her by the DHS. According to Heather, the boy’s father has not even begun on the items he is supposed to be doing. Parenting Classes, get a job, and the other things Heather has to do. The hold up for her getting the boys back is the State wants to make sure the father has his equal rights. “F” the father if he won’t step up.

      I hope your Jill can kick some A** now that she has got her back up. You’d think the people that spout off at the mouth about protecting children would be running to her aid. Especially after Liam’s arm was broken last year and not tended to while in the hands of his father. Left days and days without treatment and now Liam’s arm is too far gone to be set right. Grrrrr. Just makes me want to howl at the moon!

      I’ll have to look into my FTP thing and see if there is such a thing as you talk about. There is a “Sync” button and I think that is supposed to do what you indicate. The only problem is the program times out before it gets started. I have no idea what it is looking for or where it is traveling to when it does the whirly ball thing and a timer icon shows up from time to time.

      I’ll get it figured out I think.

      Love you – Leslie


  3. gardenpinks
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 17:42:19

    Me again! Not being at all critical but throwing out a couple of suggestions regarding your web site – is it possible to centre your heading more? It has a left bias.
    2. I looked at the card making section by clicking on the button marked Cards and the first page talks of cards being everywhere and mentions Tools in capitals – that is fine but might be worth making that word Tools a link to your tools page because the tools page cannot be accessed from that first card page without going back to the Home page.

    Shout at me if you like and tell me to mind my own business 🙂

    Lynn x


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 14, 2012 @ 20:00:15

      Thank you!! I had a link to the “Tools” page but it didn’t work the way I had intended it to work so I took the link out of the line. I have to work on that a bit.

      I’ll check on the heading to see how I can get it centered. I may just have to end up going with a different header.

      Thanks for the critique. It sure does help me to know what to look for and make some changes and alterations.

      Love you – Leslie


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