Hello, I’m still around

My life has gotten a little out of whack recently.

Joe was home all last week, he left yesterday.  We’ve had doctor visits, daily running around for errands, meetings with our Accountant for 2011 tax stuff, and all manner of craziness.  250 miles traveled this week!

Joe has been having more trouble with his body recently.  He has bouts of being light headed and he can’t breathe.  He has to stop everything during those times to catch his breath and let his body regain strength.  It happens at odd times so there is not one indicator of what is happening to  him.

He went in last Tuesday for a Stress Test on his heart using the treadmill.  Upon arrival at his doctor’s office he found they had rescheduled it for Thursday.  Thursday arrived and we were in the doctor office a bit early.

I don’t know what a “Nuclear Stress Test” is but Joe got injected with some kind of radioactive die before they put him on the treadmill.  He had his chest scanned after his body had time to circulate the die.  Then he was put on the treadmill for 4 minutes and monitored.

Poor guy.  The attendant shaved off patches of his chest hair regrowth to attach the heart monitor wires.  Actually screwed them into his skin!  During all of his previous years treatments for Prostate Cancer he lost all of his chest, arm, and leg hair.  Since the treatments are over his hair has grown back.  He now has areas on his chest with odd patches of stubble from the shave job the attendant gave  him on Thursday.

Joe did well on the Stress Test, as far as he can tell.  He at least remained upright through the ordeal and did not have to ask for the test to be stopped.

After the treadmill he was taken back to have more chest scans done.  We won’t know until April what the results are.

Joe’s symptoms are crazy.  He can get out of bed in the morning and go about his normal routine with no ill effects.  During the day he will find himself feeling weak and breathless.  This will last for about 45 seconds where he has to stop what he is doing and hold on to something, lower his head, take in deep breaths and just wait the sensations out until it passes.

He doesn’t need to be doing anything that gets his heart rate up either.  Getting out of a chair will do it sometimes, then other times it is just walking at a slow pace.  He can climb three flights of stairs with no trouble.  Walk across the street so talk with our neighbor may start the thing off.

Joe does NOT experience any chest pain, or other heart attack symptoms.  Just the weakness and breathless feelings.

I noticed  him doing this back in the summer once in a while.  The bouts were infrequent and were mild.  Now they are happening several times a day and have me worried for his health.  The medical doctors he sees – Family Physician, Heart Specialist, Internal Medical Specialist – none of them seem to know what is the cause.  Of course, these bouts never happen while he is at the doctor office.  And they did not happen during his Stress Test either.

We  have had some rain here.  Mostly high winds.  Things have calmed down and we are having temperatures in the high 70’s.  This winter has been nothing compared to previous winters.  Tornado season has begun but it has taken the higher route through Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.  I’m a little afraid of what will happen come late April and early May when it is the tornado season for Oklahoma.

This past week, while Joe was home I tried to get work done on my website and have been unsuccessful.  Yesterday, once Joe left for Salt Lake City, Utah I spent the day submerged in my work.

During Joe’s stay at home I have watched quite a bit of television with him.  Too much in fact.  I’ve monitored his food intake and have worked extra hard at keeping salt intake down, vegetable and fruit consumption high, eliminated fried food, and have tried to keep him on a regular eating schedule.

He is really bad about stopping to eat while he is out on the road.  I tell you, we are a pair.  We both have “Tunnel Vision” when it comes to doing stuff.  Once he is out on the road working he drives continuously and only stops when he has to.  Me, I park my butt in front of this computer and work the keyboard from early morning until late at night.

For my website I have added a section on SUPPLIES.  The first page has the “Under Construction” photos since I am still working on it.  I have finished pages for:

  • Brads and Grommets
  • Beads and Charms
  • Feathers and Flourishes
  • Adhesives – first section is the dry type or tape runners
  • Liquid Glues
  • Foam Dimensionals
  • I’ve added Cropadiles to the HAND TOOLS Section

I still have quite a bit of work to do to get this thing totally finished.  It is turning out to be an Encyclopedia of Paper Crafting!  Just when I think I’m ready to stop I think of something else that needs to be added.

Shelly, I got your text messages yesterday.  Sorry for not responding.  I just noticed them this morning.  I had not realized I had let a whole week slip by without posting to my blog.

So that has been my week.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention.  One of the television show Joe had I have been watching is “Worst Cooks In America” on the Food Network.  The contestants for Bobby Flay‘s team were to grill steaks and create a sauce to go with them.  Mr. Flay demonstrated his “Mango Chimichurri” for his team and Joe was excited to give this a try.

$16 for one (1) Mango, one (1) bunch of Parsley, one (1) bunch of Cilantro, one (1) live herb packet of Mint, and one (1) bunch of Garlic or whatever a thing of Garlic is called.  The recipe called for four (4) cloves of Garlic.  Oh, yes, and a bottle of Red Wine Vinegar.

I got out my food processor that doesn’t get used much.  3/4 cup of Olive Oil is also in this recipe.  Lots of oil!

Here is the recipe if you want to give this a try. It might be something you will enjoy.

I have come to the conclusion that Joe and I are NOT “Foodies” and Gourmet Food is not something we enjoy.

Needless to say.  One taste of the Mango Chimichurri was enough.  I do use fresh and dried herbs in my cooking.  I will forgo using Red Wine Vinegar!  The whole entire batch promptly went in the trash.  $16 lesson learned.  Next time I will leave out the Red Wine Vinegar or only put in a tablespoon or two.  That stuff is overpowering!

Okay, I’ve got more to do on my website so I’m going back into the “Tunnel” .

Oh! WAIT!  The coloring contest participants have not been forgotten.  I have to find boxes to put your stuff in then it will be mailed out – HOPEFULLY – by Friday.  I’ll let you know when I have left the post office.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen mathis
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 09:38:42

    Glad you have emerged, but sorry to hear about joe’s poor health. It must be so frustrating, but I’m glad that he is having testing done. With men, that is half the battle. Let us know about the results.

    2011 taxes? You are doing so well! I still have to get Charlie to sign off on our 2010 return! Ok, I ll commit- I ll get him to sign it by the end of the week! I just finished making 38 baby shower invitations, and let me tell you, they are a lot of work! But it’s for a really special lady, so it’s worth it! Now for the banner and party favors! Have a great week! I’m spending most of it in Austin. Shannon has a basketball clinic/training every day from 8-noon, and we leave the house at 6:30 and don’t get back until 1:30. Today, we are going to the dps office to get her learners permit; she turned 15 last week! I’ll let you know when to tell Joe to stay off the roads in central Texas! Love you!


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 14, 2012 @ 10:43:43

      How exciting, for Shannon anyway. I know you are a mixed bag of feelings. Excited for Shannon to be able to drive, sad that she’s old enough to learn to drive, happy that she will be able to make the runs to the grocery store for you or errands for herself, worried that your baby girl is going to be out amongst the rest of the population and those flaming idiots don’t have a clue just how precious she is to you.

      Learner’s Permits. The “Gateway to Freedom” and a milestone of becoming an adult. Shannon has visions of fun and excitement and you have visions of late night worries.

      Your kids, all three of them, are very mature and have level heads on their shoulders. You and Charlie have done a most excellent job of teaching them the rules and ethics of life and making them aware of consequences for their actions. I’m sure the uppermost concern in their minds is “What if I disappoint Mom and Dad?!”

      Looks like you have been up to your elbows in crafting. Getting a Baby Shower planned and prepared for. 38 invitations! You’ve had an assembly line process going on in your home 😀 I know your efforts are going to be a HUGE hit 😀

      Tell Shannon I wish her luck and strong legs as she goes through this basketball training/clinic. Sounds like the two of you have your week filled 😀 Enjoy it all.

      Love you – Leslie


  2. aspot2stamp
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 12:58:09

    Wow you’ve had quite a busy week indeed. I will keep Joe in Prayer and the Doctors too, that they will be successful in figuring out whats going on with him. I’m just happy to see your post I was getting very concerned about the two of you. We are having nice weather this week and have had the crazy high winds the last few weeks but colder temps then. I hope this means spring is on its way to stay. Now like you the only thing I fear is the tornado season. It will be time soon to have the weather radio plugged in at all times. Several years back we had Strait line winds which really did alot of damage to out little town no one was hurt thankfully but it was VERY SCAREY !!!! We barely had time to leave and got as far as a low point by the river and had to wait it out in the van with all the kids I was so scared my knees were knocking together. The van was shaking back and forth and trees were bending over and swaying violently all around us. Jordan and our nephew Jon was heading out and got blown off the road into a ditch as a tree went across the road right in front of us. Not far from them several train cars got blown off the tracks. I dont like the spring time storm season 😦 I am kid free for a bit today and olan to clean off my desk and hopefully get Brian to move his stuff so I can get to my stuff LOL . Oh the woes of a small home with all of us wanting to keep all of our stuff 🙂 I guess Brian would tell me get rid of it and you will have room ……… yikes I better stop complaining 🙂 I need to get on over to your site and check out all your handiwork. I think that your site will be really helpful for newbie crafters all the way through the seasoned ones. I think we all get into the new fads and so its great to be reminded of the older ones and all the tools and supplies we have stockpiled in our stash. Hope you are having a great day 🙂 gonna go have lunch with my Hunny then set off to work on my mess.

    Love and hugs,


    • aspot2stamp
      Mar 13, 2012 @ 13:00:29

      Hey please excuse my typos I didnt reread my post . Too funny
      Love you


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 14, 2012 @ 10:49:07

      Wow! I can imagine how scary that was to be sitting in a vehicle being swayed from one side to another with the trees threatening to fall down at any minute. I’m so glad you all made it through that crisis unscathed 😀

      Are Jordan and Jon alright….aside from having the poo scared out of them? Hope no damage was done to their vehicle. Those were some high winds you suffered through. Especially if it blew train cars off the track! Yikes and WOWZERS! Glad to know you are all well.

      Enjoy your time in your crafting oasis 😀 Even if it means you have to clean and arrange things. At least you will be touching and looking at your stuff. Maybe an idea or two will be sparked 😀

      Love you – Leslie


  3. gardenpinks
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 16:44:27

    Lovely to hear from you again, you certainly had us all worried Leslie.
    Poor Joe, what a worry for you both. Hate it when strange things start happening without rhyme or reason, you don’t know whether it is something that can be ignored or whether it is something that needs to be checked out.

    The weather here is supposed to be much warmer and milder as a high has settled over us but unfortunately it is causing a chill fog which doesn’t want to clear much during the day so we are hardly seeing the sun or benefitting from the warmer weather. In fact it is quite chilly. Trouble is there is hardly any wind to blow the fog away. Still the daffodils look bright and cheerful 🙂


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 14, 2012 @ 10:54:30

      You have been fogged in it looks like. That must be a bit of a pain in the backside. Your clocks and watches tell you it is morning or afternoon but the fog tells you it is later in the day. Those are the days when I don’t feel quite so good and want to go hibernate somewhere.

      I’m glad the weather has started to warm up. Hopefully the fog will go away and warm you up once again. With the daffodils up and out of the ground the rest of your gardening won’t be far behind. Another year of digging in your beds and awaiting the beauty that will carpet your world in luscious color 😀

      Sorry to have concerned everyone. Joe and his health issues are making us both wonder how much longer we can keep doing what we do. One day at a time. I find myself calling him more frequently now than I have in the past. Just to make sure he is still with me, even though he is miles away.

      Love you – Leslie


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