Working on the “Tools” section of my website.

Today I will be getting the “Tools” section of my website worked on.  I’m hoping to have it completed by tonight.  It is the largest part left to do so might as well tackle the worst first.

Plans are to have different sections for the adhesives, embellishments, die cutting and machines, and the hand tools.  I will have videos of some of these items included.

One critique I had, from the instructor of the course I took, was to get the videos I already have in my website put on different pages.  That should cut down considerably on the wait time of loading the videos for those with dial-up and slower broadband.  These updates will be made through the weekend and I will keep you all posted on my progress.

Today is “trash day” at our house.  I need to get myself outside and move the trash bin to the curb lest I forget once again and have to wait until next week to get the bin emptied.  Last week I was so busy coding that I only remembered when I heard the trash truck on my block and heading out 😦

Okay, time to get out of here and get busy.


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  1. gardenpinks
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 19:12:07

    At least Leslie you only have to drag your dustbin (trash bin) to the kerb, we have to load ours into the vehicle and drive half mile to leave it and we have two bins that are emptied alternate weeks – blue bin for all recyclables and green bin for non- recyclables such as plastic wraps, aluminium trays, etc. However our green bin doesn’t need to be emptied every other week because so little goes into it! But the blue bin needs to be emptied as it soon fills up with cans (dog food mainly), plastic bottles, yoghurt and butter containers, paper especially junk mail, glass bottles, etc. Food waste – that is fruit peel and vegetable waste is composted and any cooked food waste is fed to the local foxes, badgers and ravens! That is if Katie doesn’t eat it and there is very little cooked food that goes to waste in this household!!

    So good that your instructor is helpful with advice. Our broadband connection has always been on the slow side because we are right at the end of the telephone line and furthest from the telephone exchange. As we are in a rural location then our telephone provider is loathe to invest in better technology a there is little profit in it for them. Cable networks are only located in towns and cities so we have to suffer! However our broadband speed has certainly become worse during the last year and can only think that is due to more and more people connecting. I used to be able to watch BBC iPlayer – a chance for me to catch up with some of the more interesting television programmes – and Youtube videos with ease but now? Forget it! So frustrating.

    By the way have you heard anything from Jann recently? I frequently check her blog but there has been nothing since last autumn.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 02, 2012 @ 09:21:32

      You know, I have only heard from Jann when she leaves a message on one of my infrequent YouTube videos. I really feel ashamed of myself. I need to contact her and make sure all is well with her and her family 😦 Thanks for reminding me to be a better friend!

      Your trash routine is excellent! I would have thought all your junk mail would be burned in the stove you have. Maybe it would stink if you did so. Burning wood smells so much better than burning paper…yuck.

      I feel like a beast compared to you and all your recycling. When we buy food items that come in plastic containers we purchase the ones that we will reuse. I buy stick butter and save the cardboard for my crafting. I’ve got quite a pile of it stored up and don’t know when I’ll be doing something with it. Hope to do so soon. Cereal boxes too!

      Joe drinks a lot of diet soda from cans and we have a can smasher. We make trips to the metal recycling place about once a year after we accumulate several bags of empty cans. Other trash is just tossed. I don’t do any composting so things like potato peels go in the trash along with the coffee grounds. Food left overs get set out for the stray animals that roam our neighborhood. Except for the food that has turned into a science experiment and that gets tossed in the trash.

      I’m bad because milk cartons get tossed in the trash. We are supposed to have a recycling collector that comes early on trash day mornings. We diligently put milk cartons and liter soda bottles in the appropriate bin to be picked up. Glass items as well. That is until both Joe and I watched the person with the recycling truck pick up our bin and dump it in the regular trash bin!

      You have to go 1/2 mile or more to get your trash dumped?! I guess it is a really good thing you don’t have heaps of trash. That would be heavy and cumbersome to do. We aren’t getting younger and these simple tasks get a bit out of hand at times. Poor you, especially when you are feeling like “Death warmed over” with this flu 😦

      Hope you are getting better and will soon be right.

      I’m really sorry to hear about your internet connection. Maybe it would be time to get your neighborhood together and become a bunch of rabble rousers 😀 Make some noise so the phone and cable companies step up for you guys. You are spending your hard earned money to get their service and they need to get off their butts and take care of their customers!!

      Done with my rant.

      Love you – Leslie


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