Embossing Powder inventory

I don’t have much of this stuff.  About the same amount as my glitter.

I have the obligatory clear, white, black, gold, and silver.  Like the glitter this stuff doesn’t get used much.  I’m hoping to amend that in the future.  Hmmmm, seems like a good idea for a lesson for Heather 😀

I have this sewing stamp set from Stampin’ Up! – “Sew Suite”.  It has an extra rubber piece that has been separated from the “Button Card” stamp.  I’ve been using that punch out piece with VersaMark and the Heat & Bond for the glitter bit.  So I’ve used it once again for the VersaMark and the embossing powders.

Sew Suite stamp set

Sew Suite stamp set

This is how I’ve been using it.  Stamp it with VersaMark then cover with the Heat & Bond or the embossing powder – works well for both.  Then cover with the powder and heat set it.

Blank from the Sew Suite set and embossing powder

Blank from the Sew Suite set and embossing powder

Once the embossing powder is heat set then I use my 1″ circle punch to cut out my sample.

1" circle punch to cut out sample

1" circle punch to cut out sample

Doing this project has reintroduced me to the products I have at hand.  I have three containers of embossing powder from “Personal Stamp Exchange“.  I can’t find a website for them 😦

One of the powders is called “Turquoise Tapestry”.  This stuff is beautiful!  It also has a texture to it, similar to the texture of fine sand paper.

Turquoise Tapestry

Turquoise Tapestry

I also have “Ochre Tapestry” from Personal Stamp Exchange.

Ochre Tapestry

Ochre Tapestry

And I have “Desert Tapestry”.

Desert Tapestry

Desert Tapestry

I bought these from eBay way back in 2006 or early 2007.  I guess it is  high time that I find something to use this stuff on.  One note I found on Google, during my search, is that Personal Stamp Exchange has disappeared.  That is a shame because this embossing powder is, by far, the most interesting stuff I have in my small supply.

While Joe has been home I have not been able to do much of anything so I steal time to do little things.  He will be leaving today to deliver the trucks he picked up in California to where they belong in Grand Island, Nebraska.  Then he will be back briefly Saturday then off once again to California.

I will take advantage of his absence to get things done…..like mail off Lynn’s long overdue package of her winnings from the Writing Contest.  Each time I’ve had to go out and run an errand with Joe I forget that thing.  It sits on a stool near my front door.  All ready to be mailed.  I just have to go to the post office and purchase postage.  I’ve got the thing filled out for Customs and everything.

Getting so frustrated with myself for not getting this done I have resorted to putting up sticky notes on my bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, and the front door to remind me to get that package mailed off to Lynn 😦  Next I have to find a box the right size to mail off Tim’s Post-Its!

My website building class on CSS and XHTML WAS going well until I hit a snag yesterday and it has all come crashing down.  I can’t seem to get the lesson done right and I’m having a terrible time with it.  Distractions have really impeded  my concentration.

Truthfully, this is all my own fault.  I have no one to blame for any of this except myself.  Joe is a grown man and can take care of himself.  I have no idea why I feel the need to “babysit” him while he’s home!  It’s not like he is going to get into something that could harm him….like a child would.

We’ve been together for so long and old habits are hard to break.  Spending 24/7 with each other…working side by side every day….I just can’t seem to get myself in gear when he comes home for a few days.

Taking the winter months off and leaving Joe to run the highways by himself I’m kind of crazy.  While he’s gone I’m up early and get a lot of things done until late at night.  When he’s home all my dedication and workaholic tendencies go by the wayside.  I really need to get a grip!

Okay, time to get him packed and ready to head back out for another couple days.

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  1. gardenpinks
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 16:11:14

    PSX (Personal Stamp Exchange) went out of business some years ago, can’t remember who bought up the company but they didn’t buy the back catalogues. PSX’s stamps are renowned and go for an absolute fortune now.
    Those embossing powders look gorgeous. I got rid of quite a few embossing powders because I just didn’t use all those colours, I do have some coloured ones aside from the ‘standard’ ones but hardly use them as they are all packed away.

    Don’t fret about the package, you will post it sooner or later. I’m the same as you Leslie, almost feel guilty if I go off and leave Rod alone while I’m doing some craft work, reading a book or on the computer…I am getting better though 😀

    Darren, Jill and the boys are now in Florida after a gruelling and exhasuting time travelling yesterday (Wednesday); they left home at 6.30 am (UK time) and finally landed at Florida at 10.30 pm (UK time) – Florida is 5 hours behind UK time – by the time they eventually reached their villa they had been travelling or waiting for almost 20 hours!! They spent the day today just relaxing and playing in the pool in 81F temperatures – lt hotter there than here!! They are spending their holiday/sharing the villa with another young couple and their son so they should all have a great time 🙂 Miss her and the boys already 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Feb 28, 2012 @ 09:50:14

      I hope after all the time spent traveling by air that Jill, Darren, and the boys enjoyed their trip to Florida. This is, usually, the best time of year to go to Florida. The humidity is not felt like a steam towel draped over your face and body.

      So, have they regaled you with stories of their trip plus shared stacks of photos to show the hi-lites? What am I thinkin’? No more stacks of photos just pages of digital photos 😀 I hope their return trip was better and faster. Do they now have the occasion to say “They need to get back to work to rest up from their vacation”? Hope they had fun!

      I’m really bummed to hear about PSX going out of business. Now that I no longer have to strictly purchase SU stuff I was looking forward to getting more of that wonderful embossing powder. Guess I’ll have to check eBay.

      Hope you and Rod are doing well and the weather is not being harsh for you.

      Love you – Leslie


      • gardenpinks
        Feb 28, 2012 @ 16:13:23

        Darren, Jill and the boys will be flying back tomorrow night (Wednesday). Jill can’t wait to get home, she can only stand being away for around a week and then she struggles. They have had some fun and we have seen a few photos but will see the rest on their return. Jill can’t wait to get home to lots of fruit and vegetables – she said food is so expensive out there. I couldn’t believe it when she said a small pack of minced beef (ground beef) was $6!! Holy cow and gold lined 🙂 Liam held a small alligator – it did have its mouth taped shut! Jill said there was a spectacular thunderstorm last evening. I think on the whole they have enjoyed themselves but looking forward to home.

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xx

      • Message In A Fold
        Mar 01, 2012 @ 08:12:55

        I hope their return is better than the start! Traveling long distances is a trial at first go, but air travel is a mixed bag of tricks all on its own.

        I’m surprised to hear that Jill was deprived of her fruits and vegetables while in Florida. She’ll be miserable for a few days getting her body functions back to normal. We have not been to grocery stores in Florida so I can’t attest to the $6 per pound of minced beef. If they spent their time in Orlando at Disney World, then I can believe the prices would be nuts. Total tourist trap that place is and the merchants act accordingly. That is the saddest part of tourist areas.

        Liam is one brave soul! Mouth taped shut or not I’d be skittish to hold a baby alligator.

        Let me know when they arrive home safely. I’ll keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

        Love you – Leslie

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