Poker Face

I had to laugh at Tim’s comment upon seeing the “Poker Face” laser die cut.

“Not too excited about that one.  That song!  I don’t understand the words and I just hate it when I like the beat of the music but don’t understand the reason for the lyrics.”

That Lady Gaga song is playing around in Tim’s head like a buzzing fly, poor guy.  Kind of like the ice cream vans that roam our streets in the summer.  Joe hates one particular one that always seems to come around when we are home.  It plays “Pop Goes The Weasel” and Joe has the song stuck in his head on a loop for days.  lol hahahahah.  Sorry, it is funny to hear him hum it then say “Damn!”

So to put a different frame of reference in Tim’s head I chose to use a collage of faces from various poker tournaments.

Poker Face photo collage

Poker Face photo collage

I especially like the close up photo of the one guy with the intimidating eyes.  It was rendered even more effective by covering his mouth with a poker chip.

My Sizzix dies are getting used.  I haven’t used these letter dies in forever.  I’m really glad that I did the inventory project to remind me of the tools I have available right here.  I put the words “Have you got IT?” on the post it flap.

Have you got a Poker Face?

Have you got a Poker Face?

I don’t have a Poker Face.  Any emotion I have gets broadcast across my face.  I have “Tells” that are easily read by someone standing 100 yards away 😀  I can’t tell a lie either.  When I do I have an inbuilt neon sign that flashes across my forehead “LIAR, LIAR”.    Not really about the neon sign but my face does give me away when I tell a lie so I don’t do it.

I’m nearly finished with these.  Today I’ll have the final two done for Tim.  Mojo thank you for coming back home!!

While I waited for the Krylon Workable Fixatif to dry on several other images I printed from the internet I decided to play around with a piece of that Willy Wonka candy wrapper and a Sizzix Yellow Die – Rose Flower.

The perforations on this die make no sense to me but I suppose they are there for a reason.  Keep in mind this is only an experiment.  The results, as with any experiment, are not successful at the first several attempts 😀

Sizzix Yellow Die - Rose Flower

Sizzix Yellow Die - Rose Flower

I used Butterscotch and Wild Plum alcohol inks from Ranger on the Wonka paper.  The holographic effect of the shiny paper was not diminished by the alcohol inks.

Holographic paper

Holographic paper

Sorry it is so blurry.  Standing just to the right of the die cut the Wonka paper turned blue.  Both of these photos are of the same die cut, just at different angles.  I love this Wonka candy wrapper paper.

Of course I had to spritz the piece up a bit with some of my Pixie Pink brew.  About 20 drops of Pixie Pink Stampin’ Up! reinker in a bottle of water with white Perfect Pearls from Ranger for sparkle.

Spritzed with my sparkly brew

Spritzed with my sparkly brew

From this angle that Wonka candy paper turned a deep red.  My coloring techniques leave a lot to be desired.  I do like the veining I did on the leaves at the stem.  Not so hot about the veining and drawing in of the leaves at the bud base.  Nor am I thrilled with the coloring I did on the rose bud itself.  Practice, practice, practice.

For an experiment I’m not going to complain.  It came out pretty good for a first attempt :D….I think anyway.

Okay, off to finish the Poker Post-Its.  Take advantage of my mojo being back before it decides to take a hike again.  Or as Lynn says “A Walkabout”.  Love that word 😀


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gardenpinks
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 12:37:03

    Walkabout is an Australian word usally refers to the Aborignes going ‘walkabout’ but it is a great word 🙂
    Love the rose, the candy wrapper gives fantastic results and the holographic aspect is wonderful.
    Oh those eyes on the post it are beautiful, you could swim in those eyes 🙂
    Those damn ‘ear worms’ drive me insane at time. ‘Ear worms’ are the name given to scraps of music or prose that pop into one’s brain and endlessly loop around; the original term is from Germany and the literal translation is ‘ear worm’!! Oh my brain is full of useless information LOL.

    My Tells would be seen from across the room too, and if I had a brilliant hand everyone would know 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Feb 11, 2012 @ 07:32:39

      Thanks Lynn. That holographic paper is amazing.

      You make me think of an articulated bug with a claw like pincer on the tail we have here in some states that is called an “ear wig” when you mentioned “ear worm”. After your definition of the word I can certainly see why that term is used.

      I love learning new stuff. I’m glad your brain is full of such things 😀 Not useless information at all 😀

      We’d be a pair at a Poker Table that would be entertaining 😀 We might not win much because of our “tells” but we’d make the table lively 😀

      Love you – Leslie


      • gardenpinks
        Feb 11, 2012 @ 16:13:06

        Yes we have ear wigs too! It was a good year for them last summer and the little blighters were everywhere especially in clothes pegs if they were left on the line. Another bit of useless of information concerning the ear wigs ….they don’t do what a lot of insects do and that is lay eggs and leave them to it but they raise their own children. Sometimes a stone or bit of wood turned over with find mum and the family hiding underneath!!

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xx

      • Message In A Fold
        Feb 16, 2012 @ 08:28:42

        I didn’t know that about the ear wigs! Cool! I’ve seen the rolly bugs, don’t know what they are called. Black little things that roll themselves up into a circle when they are disturbed. I have seen lots of them under rocks during my childhood in Colorado.

        You would know about these amazing things – not useless information – since you are really close to nature in your gardening duties.

        Love you – Leslie

  2. aspot2stamp
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 13:44:37

    Personally I think the rose is very pretty, it would be a good valentines day or feminine card.I like the way the paper works with the alcohol inks Endless possibilities there. I dont have any tim holts or ranger inks but think on my next trip to the craft store I will hunt some down. Pop goes the weasle huh? I get puff the magic dragon……. sometimes I try to play is fast foward in my mind to get it out Works some of the time 🙂 That poker face song I’ve only heard a hand full of times but the kids know it just from hearing it on the school bus. Lynn I dont think the meanings of words are useless information. It is just amazing what things stick with us. I have a thing with dates and phone numbers I can rattle them off and dont know how since they arent ones that are called often. Brians Mom calls me to find where she puts stuff, Funny she will tell me what she moves and say I will call you when I need to know what I’ve done with… fill in the blank. I have had a fair amount of time with a card this morning and think it turned out nicely will post it after it gets dry. I am still having the headache so a trip to the doctor is in order this afternoon. I told Brian I was going to make a card today come hell or high water because I feel like I get to do something for myself and have some fun 🙂 Off to work on something else crafty 🙂



    • Message In A Fold
      Feb 11, 2012 @ 07:40:49

      Thank you Shelly for your sweet comment on my rose 😀

      “Puff The Magic Dragon”! I have not heard that title in so long. I loved that song when it hit the airwaves in the late 1960’s early 1970’s. Do you remember the movie Disney or someone made from the song? With Shelly Winters? BAD movie. Ruined the whole song for me 😦

      Neat bit of information about you 😀 Brian’s Mom calls you to ask where she put something 😀 At least she calls you and stays in touch with you….even if it is to find where she placed her spare house keys 😀 Phone numbers and dates are very useful things to have rolling around in your brain. I used to have a memory like that. Haven’t needed that skill in so many years. With me it is addresses that I remember…and restaurants….and hotels 😀 Joe it is mile markers – the start and end in each state we travel in..also the exit numbers for truck stops. I guess it is all relative the things we remember.

      Hope you did go to the Clinic yesterday for your headache and you can find relief. Have fun being crafty :D, show us your work when you get finished 😀

      Love you – Leslie


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