Phase 1 of the inventory is finished.

Before I get to that I promised I’d leave a video of Heather with her goodies.  I had so much trouble with my video camera Sunday so you won’t be seeing all that Maureen sent.

Poor Heather, she was a bit uncomfortable with it all.  How well I remember those days long ago myself.  Wondering why total strangers were being nice to me and offering me things.  That was so scary to me.  I had nothing to offer them in return that was of any value and I felt so unworthy of the gifts I received.

I was not quite sure how she felt about this whole thing until she came back yesterday excited with her creations.  I knew then that all she was suffering was low self esteem and a low self worth.  I’ll work on her with love – as has been done on me 😀  Love and kindness work better and faster than anything I can think of.  I can testify to that very fact.

I have just been informed that Heather spoke at her Parenting Class this evening and said that crafting calms her nerves after work and gives her something to look forward to.  If that ain’t a good thing I don’t know what is 😀

This inventory thing has had me asking myself “What the Heck Were YOU Thinkin’ Girl!”  But it is finished.  Well, the first part of it is finished.

Having gone through all my dies and punches I did find three items that would look really good on a card.



Look for it this Friday 😀



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  1. gardenpinks
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 15:31:59

    Wow Maureen certainly came up trumps there for Heather. Yes I can understand her feeling a bit uncomfortable..when you are used to life giving you rubbish it is a little hard to accept that there are truly generous people out there who just want to share and help and don’t count the cost.

    Great work on your inventory, so what is next to sort out?

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Feb 05, 2012 @ 09:26:51

      I can’t believe I have not answered your comment! Sorry about that. Yes, Maureen’s generosity is amazing and Heather is loving it all 😀 Heather is getting more and more comfortable with this whole thing and I am totally thrilled she is doing a bit of it on her own. Confidence boost is what she needs 😀

      The next bit of inventory is going to be with my rubber stamps. That is going to take a little while to do. I’m going to save the easy part for last. You know, ink. Smear, spritz, glob and such in one area and not be all spread out as I was with the die and punch stuff. Rubber stamping is going to take up lots of space to do but the ink stuff won’t be much.

      Hope you are all well and staying warm. Love you – Leslie


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