Christmas is over? Already?!

Where has the time gone?  Waking up this morning, my head was in gear before my feet hit the floor.  Things to do today and I needed to get going.

It was while in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, that I realized there was no more rushing around at warp speed to get anything done.  Sort of a let down.

Like many of you, I had been preparing for Christmas every day for the past two weeks.  Planning, working, running, decorating, and wrapping.  Going to bed last night feeling good about the events of the day and glad that it was all over.  Only to wake this morning in a frantic hurry to do……well, nothing.

Saturday morning we went to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients for Joe’s Christmas feast.  He was up to his elbows in food prep Christmas morning with Phantom of the Opera ringing out in our kitchen.

Joe busy creating his Christmas feast

Joe busy creating his Christmas feast

Friday and Saturday I spent the available time I had going through my website – Message In A Fold – deleting everything about Stampin’ Up!.  All the links to online ordering, their products, and any other mention.  Since I am no longer a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator I needed to get those links off of my website before anyone clicked on them and found the link went no where 😦

I will be taking another online Website Creation class in January from my local Community College.  Be prepared for further changes to my website.

I also spent some time on YouTube searching for inspiration.  Mostly just watching the very talented people create amazing items from paper goods.

I have one of the original Cricut machines.  Also referred to as the “Baby Cricut”.  The only time I’ve used that poor machine was to cut out letters.  I watched several videos about using the Cricut.  All were about the larger version that takes 12″x12″ paper instead of the 6″x12″ one that I have.

While Joe had his feast under control, all was either cooking or waiting in the refrigerator to be popped in the oven, I went into my room to get acquainted with the one machine I’ve had for many years that I don’t know much about.

Here are the results of my playing around with 1-1/2″x12″ strips of paper I had left over from making Post-It-Note holders for our bank tellers.

Cricut flowers

Cricut flowers

These were made from the seven (7) petal flower on the George cartridge.  They are all cut at one (1) inch.  After watching several videos on making flowers I thought I’d give it a whack.

I have several strips of paper from Graphic 45 – Communique Collection – left over from making the holders for our tellers.  They have received calls from me, while we are out on the road, telling them of a FedEx envelope coming with a deposit.  Sometimes I forget to put in a deposit slip and require them to take care of that for me.  Once in a while it is to tell them I need the deposit made immediately.  There is always something a bit different I request of them and I felt they needed to know I appreciate them.

These are plain and generic….at least plain and generic compared to what I had just done.  I don’t know my tellers very well.  Have no idea what their interests are.  I do love the Graphic 45 papers though and since I do a lot of “communicating” 😀 with them I thought this paper would be appropriate.











Sorry for some of them being out of focus.  I was in a hurry to get them delivered on Friday.

Today, I will be venturing out to the craft stores and the mall for supplies to create more holders.  This time with a Poker Theme for my friend, Tim.  I’m hoping to get them done in time for his New Year’s poker game with his friends.

What are you going to be doing in your world now that Christmas is over?  Are you making plans for the coming year?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda
    Dec 26, 2011 @ 12:13:33

    Hoooo!! I was one of those people clicking madly on your Stampin’ Up! links ready to place an order! Oh well. The bank teller holders are FANTASTIC – so very nice! What a wonderful job you did! Take care and Happy New Year!


    • Message In A Fold
      Dec 26, 2011 @ 17:49:49

      Crapazoid! Linda, I’m very sorry you were left clicking with no results 😦 If you need a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator I can help you find one near where you live. Let me know and I will guide you through the process 🙂 Thank you for your vote of confidence in me 😀 I don’t know if you know the circumstances or not. My “Day Job” is an over the road truck driver for 6 months of the year. I’d have made you unhappy anyway not being able to let you know of the new catalogs and items during the time I’m away. Heck, I don’t even know their colors 😦

      Thank you for your sweet comment on the holders I made for my bank tellers. I appreciate you.

      Happy New Year to you and your family.



  2. gardenpinks
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 17:29:03

    Hellooooooooo! I am back 🙂 Our telephone line and internet came back onstream this evening – Friday 30th December. It turns out that some “kind” person/people pinched our telephone wire. Here in the UK scrap metal prices are going through the roof and anything metallic has to be guarded well otherwise it gets pinched and sold to scrap metal dealers. So far many miles of telephone wire and railway cables as well as lead off roofs, statues, memorial plaques, manhole covers, fences, etc have all been stolen to sell on. Many churches have had the lead stolen off their rooves so many times I don’t know why they keep replacing it! Anyway so part of the telephone wire for quite a large area was pinched and there was, apparently, a major fault also further along the line. Last month the neighbouring village had its telephone wires stolen. Hey ho! For the time being we are back anyway.

    We had a great Christmas, just the two of us as we like it and Santa brought me lots of goodies including books and craft items 🙂 He doesn’t always remember that I love books and also like to craft. However he went overboard this year and I am now the proud owner of a Fiskars trimmer – love that machine already – several items to alter, craft shop vouchers, acrylic paint, and lots more. One happy bunny here 🙂

    We had a full house on the day after Boxing Day and everyone was much entertained watching Rod/Grampy wrestling with the controls of his brand new remote control Chinook helicopter that Santa bought for him. We think Grampy had partaken of too much Scotch whisky that Santa also brought along 🙂

    Love the post it note holders you made for the bank staff and the flower you made using your cricut 🙂

    Did my card to you both arrive or is it still stuck in the US mail?

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Dec 31, 2011 @ 07:27:00

      I’m going to steal a phrase I’ve seen on the internet….I even think it is the name of a website. “Oh My Stinking Heck”!! The hugeness of the theft of metal in your country is bigger than ginormous! Good grief, there has got to be more than five people that are doing the thievery….maybe over a hundred. The man power alone to take miles of telephone wire is mind boggling. Buried cable or strung from poles. Either way they need equipment to get at the wire.

      Not to mention the people that get on church roofs to steal the lead. Manhole covers are not light things either. One manhole cover would take at least three men to get it out of the ground and carried to a vehicle.

      Then there is the other end of it all. What scrap metal dealer, in their right mind, would accept a manhole cover? Can you imagine the amount of telephone wire there is in one mile of line? There has to be a very organized group of people to pull this off. If they are taking the wire, alone, in for scrap there are piles of rubberized housing that has to be cut away first. Then all the insulation has to be pulled away to free the metal wire. OMG! Who has to pay for replacing all of this stuff?! You and your fellow countrymen.

      I’m glad you have your telephone line back. I’m so sorry that you went through that. Didn’t you have line replaced earlier in the year due to it being so old? My poor friend 😦

      Well, at least Santa made the blighted times better. You will have to tell me what a “Fiskars Trimmer” is. The only thing I know is a regular paper trimmer and not a “machine” as you call it. Santa really got with the program this year. Books to read, items to alter with acrylic paints and other items, plus craft store vouchers for more goodies. You are going to be having a fantastic time crafting this year.

      How fun that Rod got a toy!! Something he can play with 😀 He can be the kid again. Flying his Chinook helicopter around in the garden. Zooming it around the bushes and flower beds searching for something to dive at. I certainly hope that he does not have arthritis in his hands or that would take all the fun away 😦 Are his thumbs sore from the workout he has put them through maneuvering the helicopter up, down, forward, and back? Man…I sure do wish we were there to hear his utterances of sheer glee as he played around with it. How many of the sons, son-in-laws, and grandkids did he have to fight off just to play with his new gizmo? What fun!!!

      Yes, your Christmas card arrived yesterday and I have it ready to be photographed to be posted on my blog. Thank you 🙂 Your paper is fantastic. That stuff is pretty thick. Nothing like anything I’ve found over here….yet.

      So glad you are back. Love you – Leslie


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