Boxed in the ears by MATH

Watching someone’s YouTube video tutorial then creating something from that tutorial…..let’s just say that something got lost in the translation.  I distinctly remember Shar saying “Width plus 1/4, height plus 1/4, depth plus 1/4”.   Shar had other bits of instruction (quite possibly important to remember) that didn’t sink in.  The one thing that has been ringing in my  head since watching her video was “This is real EASY”.

Now….do I cut to the chase and give you the instructions for making a box and lid for these Post-It-Note Holders or do I go for the drama and suspense?  Tick, tick, tick, tick (I’m thinking).

In my endeavor to be a teacher it seems to me that it would only be the right thing to do in letting you know the pitfalls you might encounter.  Learning is all about the mistakes that are made in the process……right?

Yes, I’m going for the drama and suspense 😀

When measuring your item make sure to include anything that extends past the edge that is harder than, say, ribbon.  In the photo below I’ve added arrows to indicate a chipboard piece that extends past the edge of the Holder base.

Measure your object

Measure your object

This Holder measures 7-1/8″ wide by 7-3/8″ high and 3/4″ deep.  These dimensions do not change.  These are the base measurements that you will add any other increments to.

For those of you that know Algebra and are adept with that form of math will have to come up with your own set of numbers mixed with letters.  Algebra was something that I could not wrap my brain around.  For me…the answer will ALWAYS be “P”!  Period.

Stick with me here because this gets tricky and very confusing.

Ultimately you want to have 1/8″ space around your object so that it fits in the box you are creating.  Room enough to NOT be squashed in and damaged but not so much room that it slips and slides around, therefore, causing damage from movement.

WIDTH:  7-1/8″ PLUS 1/4″ equals 7-3/8″

HEIGHT:  7-3/8″ PLUS 1/4″ equals 7-5/8″

Adding 1/4″ to the base dimensions gives you the 1/8″ space you desire.

Next you measure for the depth of your object, which in this case is 3/4″.  Add 3/4″ to the measurements you have just come up with.

WIDTH: 7-3/8″ PLUS 3/4″ equals 8-1/8″

HEIGHT: 7-5/8″ PLUS 3/4″ equals 8-3/8″

You will still need to add another 1/4″ to have a comfy 1/8″ space inside your box.

WIDTH:  8-1/8″ PLUS 1/4″ equals 8-3/8″

HEIGHT:  8-3/8″ PLUS 1/4″ equals 8-5/8″

This final measurement of WIDTH 8-3/8″ and HEIGHT: 8-5/8″ are what you will cut your paper.

Score ALL around this paper at 3/4″.  All four sides will be scored at 3/4″.

Score all sides at 3/4"

Score all sides at 3/4"

After scoring and folding all four sides you will cut TO THE FOLD LINE at the inside connecting fold lines.  This will create the little flap that makes your box.  Add the adhesive of your choice on the tabs to secure your box.

Cut to the fold line at the scored intersections

Cut to the fold at the scored intersections

Attach the flaps with your adhesive and you now have a box.

Attach flaps to create the box

Attach flaps to create the box

As you can see, in the photo below, by measuring for the pieces that extend past the base it all fits in the box well.

Completed box bottom

Completed box bottom

To create the lid for this box you will add 1/8″ to the WIDTH and HEIGHT for the lid to fit snugly but not way tight.

Completed box

Completed box

I’ll save the Belly Band measurements for tomorrow’s post.  I don’t know about  you but my head is spinning from all this Math just to make the box and lid.

Now I’ll show you my oops boxes before I finally got the measurements right.

Oops #1

Oops #1

I scored this box at 1″ instead of the 3/4″.  Wouldn’t have mattered anyway.  It is too small.

The box is beneath the Holder.  Ain’t no way this Holder is going to fit in the box.

Still Oops #1

Still Opps #1

Oops #2 nearly made it but still came up short.  So short I could not make the flaps.

Oops #2

Oops #2

Oops #3 was way too big.  This was turning out to be the box building version of the Goldilocks story.  Momma Bear, Pappa Bear, and Baby Bear.  Except my story had one other “Bear” before it was “Just Right” 😀

Oops #3

Oops #3

After many attempts I finally got the blasted thing RIGHT.



Okay, now that  you know what to do….at least I hope this instruction was clear….go make your own boxes.  I’ve got a ton of them to make today so Joe can deliver them tomorrow to our friend.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gardenpinks
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 15:28:27

    Oh groaaaannnnnnnnnn! Maths! It was never my brilliant subject. I tend to just draw around the object to make a box for, add so many cms for edges and add a tad for luck then add a little more for the body of the lid 🙂 9 times out of 10 it is somewhere near right without too many mistakes.
    Usually my problem is having a good thickness of cardstock to make a decent box strong enough.
    I don’t envy you making all those boxes though as it is mass production of the same thing. Hope you don’t go boggle eyed.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Dec 20, 2011 @ 19:08:19

      I’m going to have to give your thing a try next time. I probably don’t have to tell you just how difficult it was doing the Math. I can add and subtract really well, fractions are torture to me.

      Mass production of those boxes is really what saved my butt. After I finally got the right sized paper cut and scored then the box creation was a total breeze. Now if I can remember the measurements for the next set :-(. Hopefully I won’t have to go through that Math torture all over again :-(.

      Love you – Leslie


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