A Word Of Caution And A Centipede

THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR THERMA CARE HEAT WRAPS.  I am not being paid to endorse this product.

In our “Day Jobs” we get a lot of muscle pulls and general body aches that need a bit of comforting sometimes.  The heat wraps come in so handy because no electric outlet or plug is  needed.  There are many different products available along this line but this brand works the very best for Joe and I.

He broke his back in 1976 while attempting to “fly” his pickup truck.  According to Joe he was one wild thing in his younger days and there were no limits to anything in his daily life except for the chemicals he used in his crop dusting business.  He did take those limits seriously.  Driving on highways and dirt roads, the speed limit signs were not for him but the other drivers on the roads.

One night, in 1976, he was heading home from a “parts run”, as he calls it, from Wichita, Kansas back to his home in Abilene, Kansas.  Parts to repair one of his airplanes so he could dust the fields the next morning.

Dusk had fallen and he needed to be home before total dark.  He sped down the highway, passing other motorists as if they were standing still.  This road he had traveled so many times he knew all the twists, turns, and hills and could almost drive it with his eyes closed.  And maybe he did because he ended up going off the road at a curve and literally flying through the air in his pickup until it landed in a crushed up heap in a farmers field.

He spent several days in the hospital with his lumbar section broken.  He can tell you which of the vertebrae he broke but I won’t wake him to ask.  Over the years he has taken to using a heating pad at night to ease the pain in his lower back.

Heat wrap for the back

Heat wrap for the back

We use an assortment of these heat wraps in our work.  This one comes in real handy for Joe when his back begins to hurt worse than normal.

The stuff that works

The stuff that works

These disks of stuff, embedded in the fabric, heat up when applied to the sore area and allowed to stay against the skin.  The moisture in a person’s body is what activates the heat sources for up to eight hours.

Here’s the cautionary bit.

You will get burns

You will get burns

I feel horrible about this.  I totally forgot we had put this on him Monday morning before we went to the doctor.  It was on him from about 7 a.m. until nearly 9 p.m. when he began complaining of having a stinging sensation on his back.

As he slept in his recliner, and sweated, those heat disks did their job as they were intended to do.  We’ve used this product for several years, and will continue to use it even after this mishap.  Just please know that should you use these heat wraps they will get hot enough to burn you if they are used improperly.

Joe says he is not experiencing pain from the burns.  I’ve put gauze pads over the blisters to keep them from oozing onto his clothing and sticking as they leak and dry.  Man, when he’s down with an ailment between the two of us we can make his malady worse.

Yesterday, with the heat wrap off and the blisters covered, he rested most of the day in his recliner.  About 2 in the afternoon  he got up and went into his room to play a few games of computer solitaire.

So while he was otherwise occupied and it was still a few hours before the next dose of meds I left him to his own devices and tried to play in my room for a bit.

Another Doo-Whop-It

Another Doo-Whop-It

This piece from the computer motherboard was pulled out of the slot it resided in.  I have no idea what this gizzy does when it works, but it reminded me of a centipede.  Although it is not exactly truncated like a centipede is, it still looks like one…without a head and the feet are not just right.

The Doo-Whop-It and a Thingy

The Doo-Whop-It and a Thingy

I bent the “feet” out and was in search of a head.

A small head

A small head

Well, this doesn’t work.  At least not to my way of thinking anyway.  The head is too small for the body.  I’ll try something else.

The Doo-Whop-It and a Whatz-It

The Doo-Whop-It and a Whatz-It

This looks a bit more promising as a head.

Now that's a head

Now that's a head

Okay, that looks really good as a head.  I think I’ve found my centipede.

Menacing Centipede

Menacing Centipede

Okay, now that just looks plain scary as it sits there waiting to dig its fangs in.

I think I’ll keep it just as it is.  Find a spot on this page to put it.  This is the right side to the “lawn mower” page.  There are bugs of all kinds that scurry across my feet when I’m running the lawn mower myself.  Or they run off to the side as I near them and being a squealer I have to hop around and watch where these buggers go so they don’t attack me.

Joe is getting better and I can leave him from time to time and go mess about in  my room.  So I’ll work some more on this mini today and hopefully get it finished by this weekend.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen Mathis
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 10:03:10

    Yikes! We have those big centipedes out here where we live, too! Yikes again!


  2. Maureen Mathis
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 10:06:03

    I think you are trying to show Joe that he would be better off on the road without you! Maybe you should back off a little; you’re going to wind up REALLY hurting him the next time! Glad to hear he’s recovering, though. Tell him I said hi, and I’d be glad to help him out by having you stay with us for a week or two while he recovers SAFELY in his own home! You could be here in 9 hours, right?!!!


    • Message In A Fold
      Apr 21, 2011 @ 10:06:36

      I know *hanging my head* 😦 I’m surprised he hasn’t come out with “What a’ya tryin’ to do to me? KILL ME?” I might have to leave him alone for a while so he can heal unaided by me. On second thought, he might just decide that being unsupervised means to get out and do some manly stuff and get himself wrecked again.
      Love you – Leslie


  3. Lynn Claridge
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 15:46:21

    So Joe ‘cooked’ for a while?! Hell if those things get so hot you could brew up a pot of coffee with them 🙂 Glad to hear Joe is beginning to feel as though he is improving. Well he must be if he wants to eat.
    Oh I love that centipede although over here our centipede’s are red but the millipedes are black – millipedes have longer bodies, rounder heads and more legs and frequent damp places whereas the centipede likes warm, dry places and hunts other creatures. So I would say that is a marvellous millipede 🙂 Love the way your brain works 🙂

    Did you buy the blank mini? I like the shape of it, what is it made from? Chipboard?

    Love and hugs to you both
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Apr 22, 2011 @ 10:43:25

      Thank you Lynn for your wisdom of all things natural. I only remember seeing these things from afar….being a “city girl” the only time I got close to anything like this was at a zoo. I do remember watching all those legs moving as one scaled a branch in the enclosed environment it lived in. Creepy. Didn’t see any red ones so I’ll have to take your word on that :o)

      The mini was purchased from Michaels about 4 years ago and lived in a plastic shopping bag for a year or two, later was chucked into a cardboard box along with a couple others when I started “organizing”. Then it lived on a shelf with the others until they became daily escape artists trying to be lemmings and hurl themselves off the cliff. After I purchased the white storage boxes and really organized my room then it was chucked in a drawer so all attempts at escaping were curtailed.

      If you are interested in seeing if these still exist here is the information.

      DESIGNER: Mary Engelbreit
      DIMENSION: 6″ x 6″
      PRODUCT: Chipboard Book (heavy weight chipboard)
      CONTENTS: 5 Chipboard pages and one binding ring
      WEBSITE: http://www.maryengelbreit.com

      You may have to scour the internet to see if any are available. This was in the $1.50 bin at Michaels and I don’t know if these are still made.
      Love you – Leslie


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