Steal of a Deal


As Is Find

As Is Find


At Michaels last week, as I wandered the store, I had a peek in the “AS IS” bin at my store.

Usually there is an assortment of stuff that doesn’t interest me but this time I had to snatch this Cropadile out of the bin and not think twice about it.

I still can’t believe I got it for $8.75!!  I was told the woman that purchased it had brought it back (reason unknown).  The store manager and other people tried it out and checked it over to see what was wrong with it and there didn’t seem to be a problem.

I can’t believe they didn’t put it back up with the other Cropadiles and sell it at full price, as all other stores do.  Heck, I’m not going to question the reason too much.  I’m just very grateful that it now resides at my house….although


Total mess in my room

Total mess in my room


I may not be able to find it 😦 when I need it.

I’ve got four projects going right now.  Well, more like three since I’ve completed the request by Maureen for a video on totally stripping the rubber stamp from a block.

If you watch the videos I did….I’m not doing that any time soon.  Just stripping those three stamps was more than enough for me to decide that I’m WAY too lazy to take on that project.

The paper bag in the foreground is an experiment in progress.  When I used to sew I had a paper bag taped to the edge of the table beneath the head of my Serger.  All the tails would be snipped off and put in the bag.  Along with small bits of fabric and the strings from the regular seam sewing I did.

I’m trying to figure out a way to “Decorate” the paper bag and hang it from the table edge to have a recepticle for the never ending small pieces of trash I accumulate during a project.  Mostly the backs of Dimensionals or the red strips from Sticky Tape.  The gritty left behind particles of embossing powder or glitter that is too small to get scooped back in the containers.

I’ve started a mini album using the left overs of file folders from the Greeting Card Holder that needs to be finished.  The pieces are in various stages of working on tags, pockets, and embellishments.

And I have a pile of charms that I’m trying to figure out how to make, along with a bunch of corsage pins that I’m finding really difficult to do, and quite frankly it is getting depressing.  My confidence in jewelry making is somewhere just below street level and near the gutter where these items are concerned.

The big bag of Tootsie Rolls was for a give away project but those round guys don’t stick well inside little folders.  I think I may have to go to my local Budget Box and Bag store and see if they have some small zip plastic bags.  I can make a topper for the bag and place a few of the Tootsie Rolls inside the bag.  At least if I give them to someone else I will be less inclined to reach inside the bag and take a few for myself.  Right now that seems to be my daily answer to the bag.  Grab four or five and don’t look back.

Today will be a day of sorting in my room.  Clarity will come when I have a clean and open table to work on.  And I have to get the rest of the stamps I ordered from Stampin’ Up! put away…..but then again I’ve seen some of the coloring with Copics and Stampin’ Write Markers being done by Tracy of Tracys Treasures – there is a link to her blog on the right under Blogs of My Friends.  So many distractions….

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen Mathis
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 11:00:35

    Oh no, you’ve “outted” me as the lame brain that sent you on that goose chase! Too funny; I deserve to be lambasted for that one – asking someone else to follow up on an idea! I actually think I am going to try it, though, and will use several of you tips. When you stamped on the back side of that contact paper, I just couldn’t stop giggling. I’m so glad that you don’t edit out your goofs, because we ALL have done things like that. It felt so good to know that I’m not the only one!

    Great find at Michael’s! And that bag idea sounds good. Is there any way you could find a lightweight cardboard box that you could decorate and velcro to the side of your desk. That way, the paper bag could be the liner. I just hate the idea of having you throw away something you’ve worked hard to decorate. You could adhere (with permanent adhesive) punched out acrylic shapes (from all the stamp storage boxes you won’t need anymore now that you can convert to cling stamps!) to the inside of the 4 sides of the decorated box after covering the other side with repositional adhesive. Then just trim your bag (if needed) and adhere it to the inside of the box. It won’t need to hold a lot of weight, so it might hold. You might even cut off the bottom of the box to make it a tube, and hange dangly lace of something to cover up the bottom of the bag if it stuck through. If you do the tube thing, you can decorate them with seasonal paper, and off-season storage is possible if you’ll just cover up the acrylic sticky spots with waxed paper before folding flat for storage.

    Wow, it looks more complicated than I was thinking. If I were you, I’d consider the source (which shouldn’t be too hard due to the fresh memory of a recent goose chase….!) and kindly pass on the idea…..


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 25, 2011 @ 18:59:56

      Sorry about “outing you”. Hey, I’ve been wondering how hard it would be to get the foam off the rubber stamp myself. I’ve just been too lazy to try it. Especially after I did the big one last year on my other YouTube channel. Besides, I didn’t really think there was anyone else that thought like I do so I figured I’d keep my questions to myself and not pawn them off on anyone else in regards to the “desecration” of rubber stamps 🙂

      The bag thing is still a work in progress. I’ve made a frame (sort of) for it but haven’t figured out how I’m going to affix it to the table so I don’t knock it off when I turn in my chair or stand up. That is the bugga boo right now. My idea is to have paper lunch bags held in the frame. When the bag gets too gunked up just take it out and toss it, then put in a fresh one.

      I’ll take your suggestions under consideration. After all, the more fiddling I do with it I should soon come up with a plan. Doesn’t hurt to have input from outside either.
      Love you Big Sis


  2. Lynn Claridge
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 17:30:04

    Oh wow Leslie that was a lucky find, just don’t question it 🙂 With those red handles they should be easier to find than my garden secateurs whose handles are green! Duh, who decided to give garden tools green handles?

    I have unmounted the majority of my stamps, did it a few years ago and yes I did remove all the foam from the back of them and remounted the stamps onto EZ Mount and I didn’t stamp an image onto the back either. I stamped the images onto plain copy paper (after deciding how I was going to theme the stamps) and wrote the name/number of the stamp and manufacturer and then laminated the sheets. The stamps then cling to their own image on the reverse side of the sheet; this way I can see the stamped image and all the stamps have their alloted space. The laminated sheets go into plastic pockets in a ring binder. The only stamps I have not yet unmounted are some very large background stamps and only because the sheets of EZ Mount are expensive over here and I need several sheets to do all my background stamps. I understand that many people have removed their wheel stamps from the wheels and find they use them more often and more easily.

    I’m not sure why you becoming depressed about your corsage pins?? They look lovely. You can put on as few or as many beads as you wish as long as there is enough pin left to attach to a layout or card then everything is okay.

    What are Tootsie Rolls?

    Hugs and love
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 28, 2011 @ 06:28:53

      I’ll have to point Maureen in the direction of this comment. It is good to know that you just peeled the rubber off without heating it in the microwave. I have not tried that yet

      I’ve seen some people using stamps with just the gray foam back showing on the clear block. Since I don’t use stamps as much as I probably should, I’d freak out not having a reference to calm my jitters. You know I’m a bit of a lunatic anyway.

      The pin thing, just another one of my quirks. IF I followed along with everyone else on YouTube I’d just go to the store and get the same types of beads they are using and make the pins exactly the same way. I found a box of glass beads at a discount store. They are more the size better suited for necklaces and bracelets than pins. I just have to get over myself and all will be good.

      Tootsie Rolls….well they are a soft chocolate rolled candy. Over here they would be considered a “toffee” type because of their softness. I don’t know what you in the UK consider toffee. Is your toffee soft or is it a brittle candy? Here is a link to Tootsie Roll, not that it will help much.


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