Serendipity Squares

Serendipity Squares

Serendipity Squares

Around 2005 I spent a few days surfing the internet looking for ways of sorting, storing, or using scraps from the papers I had in an ever growing pile.

In my quest, I found a website that inspired me to use some of the scraps.  Check out Go Make Something for ideas for ATC’s as well as the Serendipity Squares.

If you don’t have rubber stamps or embossing powders don’t put this idea off.  Gather up your bright colored scraps and glue them down all over the place.  Layer, layer, layer.

Personally, I don’t enjoy the first part of the journey because of the chaos of everything piled up, no clean lines, no definition of anything.  It is a mess.  A total gut wrenching mess – for me anyway.

Once you finish with your layers and cut that mess into squares is when you can get creative.  Look through your stash of hardware, ribbon, and bling.  These squares are so small that just one item or three small items is about all they can hold.

If you have made yourself a promise to not shop for more until you use up what you have, well bring your stash out and throw caution to the wind.  There are no rules in this treatment.  If you watch the video I’ve created to make these Serendipity Squares you will see that even though things don’t work out as you planned it all works out in the end.  That is the most important part of this process.

16 embellishments have been created from one 6″ x 6″ piece of paper.  Now THAT is a way to save some money.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn Claridge
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 17:10:26

    Oh thanks for reminding of this technique Leslie. I love serendipity but haven’t done it for ages. My first piece was created using mulberry paper, I had so many scraps of that leftover and many of the scraps had gold threads running through them, then I discovered serendipity and had a great time creating new papers 🙂
    Off to watch your video now and see how you get on, love the finished card 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 20, 2011 @ 09:33:09

      This is the best part of our crafting community. Inspiring others to try something new or reminding them of older techniques that have gotten lost in all the new stuff.

      Thank you, Lynn, for your great comment. I was a bit confused by your last bit about you liking the finished card. I had to go look at the photo once again. Just the squares on the grid paper but cropped to show a set of them. Now, you’ve gone and done it. I have to make a card now 😉
      Love you – Leslie


  2. Lynn Claridge
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 17:37:48

    Enjoyed the video, it is an entertainment watching you at work 🙂 Those squares turned out lovely. My method differ from yours in that I cover a sheet of copy paper with scraps of paper (no stamping beforehand), when all the glue is dry I then use a selection of small stamps and different coloured inks and embossing powders and randomly stamp/emboss over all the whole sheet. Some areas I glitter and now I would use spray mists too. Leave all to dry then cut up. Only my method; like in all aspects of crafting we all have different ways of doing things – it is what makes this hobby of ours so exciting 🙂
    Thanks so much for taking the time to make this video Leslie.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 20, 2011 @ 09:42:29

      If you haven’t guessed already, from the foolishness and mayhem from my other blog, I’m kind of anal 🙂 Organization and efficiency is my forte. The “messy” part of this technique gives me the shutters.

      Doing this on an entire piece of 8-1/2″ x 11″ anything would bring the men in the “little white coats” pounding on my door with the entire neighborhood huddled in the driveway. Stark bonkers, barking at the moon lunacy. The only thing I can describe the feeling I have when I do the messy part is seeing a container filled with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches or huge black Scorpions and being told to put my hand in the container. That is the level of fear I feel when I do this messy part.

      Once the messy part is done and the squares are cut then I can relax and go with the flow. Insane I know. Maybe a day of “Total Immersion” will cure the fright………maybe :o)
      Love you – Leslie


  3. Susanne
    Feb 08, 2013 @ 01:52:27

    I loved you video, and the tiles that you have created are sbsolutely gorgeous.


  4. Susanne
    Feb 08, 2013 @ 02:05:47

    Whoops ‘Mrs Muddlhead’ me didn’t manage to write my whole comment in one go, sorry .
    I have made a number of cards and ATC’s using this technique and absolutely love love love it . I was showing some friends the technique a few years ago, but instead of using scraps of paper, (to avoid too much mess). I gave them each a sheet of A4 rainbow printed paper, which had to be torn up in to small pieces and then used to stick randomly on to the backing cardstock. You should have see their faces. They looked at each other as if to say ‘has she lost the plot or what? They went through the process of sticking, stamping and embellishing their tiles and the finished results were brilliant. We had all started off with the same materials to begin with but each of us had made completely different but beautiful cards. I’m so glad to have found you blog across the miles from here in France and will be heading back to look through and read/watch more of your ideas.
    aremst best wishes,


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 27, 2013 @ 11:34:47

      Thank you, Susanne, for your very sweet comment. I had a great chuckle at your description of your friends faces when they saw the mess of before. It is so disconcerting to look at the build up part. The thing I found, as did you and your friends, chopping that flaming mess into smaller pieces and backing them with bold colors changes that mess into things of beauty. I can imagine the ooh’s and aaah’s as you all looked over the handiwork of the others. 😀

      Thank you for checking in on my blog and for leaving such a nice comment.



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