Today’s Chuckle :-)

My Daughter-In-Law, Brenda, sends me the c-u-t-e-s-t things that make me laugh out loud.  She is the one that sent the “Margarita as medicine for women” funny thing I passed on some time back.

Ever wonder what your animals think or what they would say were they able to talk?  Well, this video won’t answer those questions for you but it will at least give you a chance to use the smile muscles in your face 🙂

On another subject.  There are a lot of times that I feel narcissistic with the blogging and YouTube videos I do.  Me, me, me, me!  It’s ALL about ME!  Although I try to make these both places of learning and growth for others, as well as for myself, I have trouble with “tooting my own horn” so to speak.

There is a YouTube subscriber of mine that has been dealing with some physical stuff for quite a long time.  Some of you may be familiar with Krafty Katsy.  She has been struggling with leukemia for quite a long time.  Chemo, radiation, drugs, and just all kinds of stuff to help her get better.  Before I left for my “Day Job” last May she had made been placed on the Bone Marrow Donor list and was way down at the bottom.  Yesterday I checked on what she has been doing and found she will be leaving for the hospital next week for her transplant.  KraftyKatsy publicly placed an address for cards to be sent to and I will post that address here.

Kat Calihoo

c/o Cindy Patella

321 Vaughn Mills Road

Woodbridge, Ontario



My daughter, Carissa, is probably going to kill me D-E-A-D.  She has miscarried.  As a mother, it makes my heart ache for her.  She and her husband are taking this better than I had thought since they have been trying to have a family for many years.  Bless their hearts, they are looking at this as an opportunity instead of an obstacle.  They both are very pleased that they were able to finally get pregnant and take this as a bump in the road.  Committed to continue trying, loving and supporting each other through this, and are not placing blame and guilt upon their own heads.  I admire these two young people greatly.  My Rissa is made of stronger stuff than I have given her credit for. My fear was of her going into a bad depression and that precious little family being torn apart by this.  Way to go Mom 😦

So, in honor of the many challenges that are going on now all over the place.  I am going to challenge myself to step away for “Me, me, me” and reach out to someone else and be supportive and loving.

I am not going to publish my daughter’s address.  Anyone that has experienced a miscarriage and knows what she is going through and would like to send a note of encouragement to her, send me an email at  I will give you her address.

Jeezers – I can’t help myself 😦  I delivered all of the Post-It-Note Holders yesterday and was met with delight, a few hugs, and many thanks for my offerings of appreciation.  The little candy boxes garnered as much noise as the Post-It-Note Holders.

Okay, off to get started on creating something “REAL” and meaningful.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shelly
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 15:41:18

    Hi Leslie
    Thanks for posting about Katsy I watched her upload yeaterday and Man I sure feel for her, I know it has to be really scarey for her. She did a video awhile back telling all about what will happen and the risks involved both ways. I have been thinking of Carissa and told Brian last night I was gonna have to get an update on her and Jamie, I am very sorry to hear the news. Sounds like they are taking a positive approach to it and that is good to hear. I think as Mothers we tend to want to protect our children and fix things for them even the grown up ones 🙂 ( talking to myself here 🙂 ) I dont see you as an all about ME person I tend to think you are a very loving and giving woman but thats just my 2 cents.
    Love the video by the way. Hope you are well.
    Love and hugs


    • Message In A Fold
      Jan 13, 2011 @ 21:25:08

      Thank you Shelly for your kind words. I spend so much time at this blog and at YouTube that it seems my posts are all “I, I, me, I”.

      Carissa and Jaime are handling this miscarriage business so much better than me. When she told me the doctor was not going to do a D&C but let her body eliminate the sac by itself, well all I could think of was it turning septic and ruining all chances of having a child. Guess I’m still in the dark ages. I sent her an email asking if she were alright and not having any problems. *laughing* I got back an answer, “Don’t baby me”. Yes ma’am! She did tell me all that the doctor told her now days they rely on the body to take care of itself. Intervention is only done when things don’t happen as usual. My baby girl is so grown up 😦

      KraftyKatsy is going through a really rough spot. I do admire her though. She tells of her trials and tribulations then the next time she is showing things she purchased at the stores AFTER a procedure or even some crafty thing she has done. That woman has GRIT and I admire her for that.
      Love you – Leslie


  2. gardenpinks
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 17:08:31

    Sorry but I agree with Shelly here Leslie – you are not a selfish lady 🙂
    I am so sorry to here Rissa and Jaime’s news but what a lovely positive approach to the sad news. Let us keep fingers crossed that all goes as it should next time. A miscarriage during a first pregnancy is not unusual but doesn’t help to hear that. Been there but I ‘caught’ very quickly the second time and went on to have a healthy baby.

    I must admit to not knowing KraftyKatsy but do hope all goes well for her.

    I had such a chuckle over those animal voice overs. So funny! Think my favourites have to be the squirrel with the boom box impression and the bird with the Thriller dance 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxxxx


    • Message In A Fold
      Jan 15, 2011 @ 12:44:53

      I will pass on your experience to Carissa when I can get it in. Not quite sure how to go about that with her. Probably just say it and then go off on to a different subject. I’m sure that you experienced the excitement of being pregnant and impending motherhood, then the crushing blow of it not happening. So much pressure is put on young married women to become pregnant. Frankly, I don’t understand it all – course I’m different from the “norm”. It will happen when it happens and not any sooner. Children are a total blessing when you can see it from a far distance. HOWEVER, while in the midst of diapers (nappies), bottles, chasing them down and keeping them from getting into stuff, the temper tantrums, potty training, getting them to eat proper foods and not all candy, the meltdowns in grocery stores, growing out of their clothes and shoes in a matter of months, sending them off to school, the rebellious teen years, and all the rest that goes along with parenting…and it doesn’t end when they become adults and go on to have lives and families of their own. Being a parent is a job like no other. There were times I thought I’d lose my mind.

      Carissa and Jaime will be great parents. They are both such loving and nurturing people.

      My favorite was the “Dentist” with the two monkeys. I had to laugh at “Please don’t try to talk while my hands are in your mouth” and all the questions that required an answer.
      Love you – Leslie


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