Stampin’ Up! LetterPress

I had the chance to play with the Stampin’ Up! LetterPress Plate Monday while Joe was out for a few hours.  My neighbor had some Probate stuff to take care of at the local Courthouse and I watched her two little girls in the morning then played in the afternoon before Joe got back home.

I even managed to get the video transferred to my computer and was in the process of  editing it to be put up on YouTube when Joe came in.  A very weary “Road Warrior” he was after having had a couple weeks off.

Yesterday, Joe had a few problems with his work trailer and I had to help him get some things done.  After running errands with him and helping him out the day got away from me.

Later yesterday evening I went back to the video and found that I had not saved it properly – BUT – I found some really interesting “Trailers” in my video editing program and played around with one while supper/dinner was in the oven.  Well, I had fun!!

Joe will be leaving for the week a little later this morning and I will have uninterrupted time to get my “Experimenting” with the Stampin’ Up! LetterPress Plate video done and ready to go up.

In the Occasions Mini catalog, (now ready to be downloaded to your computer in PDF form at the right of this screen – along with the rest of the catalogs) there are two (2) Plates to be had.  “Heart Pressed” is full of little hearts that would make a great background on a card or on a journal spot in a scrapbook page.  The “Lots of Love” is the other one.  That is the plate I have used in my video.

Craft Ink is recommended for use with the LetterPress Plates.  In my experimentation, I have found that using VersaMark and a Classic Ink works just as well.  I have only one Craft Ink pad and the color is Whisper White.  Looks like I now need to remedy that.

In the “Soon to be released” video you will see that the Stampin’ Up! LetterPress Plate is similar in size to their Texture Plates.  Using the Texture Plates or the LetterPress Plates you will need a Big Shot.

I created a “Pizza Box” from a template I got online.  I’ll have the template on this blog for you to download if you want to use it.  Click on the link at the top right (under Message In A Fold Pages) titled “Templates”.  The Pizza Box Template has been provided by Jen del Muro for SCOR-PAL and I pass on the credit for the box to her.

I have learned a couple things in my “Experiment” and I share them with you in the full video.  While using the Big Shot, Multi-Purpose Platform, and the cutting plates…..use only one of the cutting plates on top of the LetterPress Plate and paper layers.  Don’t add the second cutting plate beneath as you would with a die.  Won’t go through your Big Shot!

Both of the LetterPress Plates are available at my Stampin’ Up! Website.  Click on the “Shop Now” button.  In the Occasions Mini selection from the menu on the left you will find Lots of Love and Heart Pressed.

Hope you have as much fun as I did.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn Claridge
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 17:51:24

    Hey Leslie that is a brilliant video, had quite a laugh! I think you have missed your vocation here, shouldn’t you be making films or something?? 🙂
    Now that I have seen the Letterpress Lots of Love in action I lurve that plate. Also loved the cards you made from it. Can’t wait to see the full video.

    Much love and hugs
    Lynn xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Jan 06, 2011 @ 21:29:47

      I had to purchase the updated iLife for Mac. That has the software for making movies. I spent a couple hours in my room making the whole “Experiment” with the LetterPress, then got it transferred from my video camera to my Mac. I spent the next five (5) hours – I kid you not – having fun and playing around with the new stuff that came with the software. All I had to do was write the blurbs that appear from the night sky then select little snippets of my video. Everything hopped right up to the little spots they were supposed to go to.

      Before I was done I nearly trashed it all and went on to something else. Thought I’d watch what happened. OMG!!! I ran – well trotted – to Joe’s office at the front of the house and said “Come out here and see what I did!” Man oh Man, when it came up full screen I thought I had done something totally amazing!!! What fun that was. Yes, I’m playing off of someone else’s genius but it is FUN none the less 🙂

      I have a full version of the LetterPress up too. It is about 7 minutes long. Me and my “attention span of a gnat”, it is so hard for me sit through 10 and NOW 15 minutes of prattle so I like to keep it short. I still had fun with someone else’s genius though 🙂

      Once again Lynn, thank you for aiding and abetting me in my foolishness and mayhem 🙂

      Love you – Leslie


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