An Experiment On Specialty Paper

Specialty Paper

Specialty Paper

The real paper

The real paper

This is the specialty paper I was hunting for that caused the revamping of my craft room.  “Presto Patterns” by Stampin’ Up!.  You can see (I hope) in the photo on the right, it looks like plain white paper.  Up to the top right of the paper you will see some shiny writing.  The entire page is covered with lines of writing.

The experiment I did was to see if my “Home Made Stampin’ Glimmer Mists” would be the “WOW” I had envisioned they would be.

Home Made Stampin' Glimmer Mists

Home Made Stampin' Glimmer Mists

I tried using Pearl Ex and hair spray.  For some reason, this time, the “straw” thing got clogged up really bad on every bottle I tried it with.

I did find success in “Perfect Pearls”.  Water 2/3 of the bottle, 10 drops of Stampin’ Up! Refill Ink, and 1/8″ teaspoon of Perfect Pearls.

These are Baja Breeze, So Saffron, and Rose Red with the Perfect Pearls.

I used the Top Note Die from Stampin’ Up! for the “Experimental Pieces” shown in this blog entry.

Baja Breeze, So Saffron, and Rose Red Home Made Glimmer Mist

Baja Breeze, So Saffron, and Rose Red Home Made Glimmer Mist

The paper curled, as is usual, when it was wetted by the “Ink Mists” I’ll call them.

Since I have a problem with my fabric cutting mat bubbling up when I use the heat tool, I purchased a couple of tiles from my local Home Improvement Center to do the heating on to save my cutting mat.  I got two sizes.  A 4×4 which was about 24 cents and a 6×6 which cost about 32 cents.

I think the Inky Mists I chose were too light in color for this trial.  There is not much color contrast to see the writing on the paper through the Inky Mists.

Inky Mists Baja Breeze, So Saffron, Rose Red after drying

Inky Mists Baja Breeze, So Saffron, Rose Red after drying

The paper warped the other way and would not lay flat.  I don’t know if it was because of the tile beneath holding the heat or if it is the paper.

It is pretty, though.  All sparkly.  The shimmery stuff shows up, and the words on the paper peek out to be seen a bit better.

The Inky Mist puddles show up, even after I used a kleenex to blot the excess moisture up before drying.

I might have to break out my clothes iron and try to iron this flat.  I was really surprised at the stiffness of this paper.

It is a thicker card stock than Stampin’ Up!’s Textured Card Stock.  It is firmer also.

Guess it is time to try a bit darker Inky Mists and see what happens.

Rich Razzleberry, More Mustard, and Night Of Navy Inky Mists

Rich Razzleberry, More Mustard, and Night Of Navy Inky Mists

Rich Razzleberry, More Mustard, Night of Navy

Rich Razzleberry, More Mustard, Night of Navy

Rich Razzleberry, More Mustard and Night Of Navy were the Inky Mists I chose for this trial.

It turned out quite a bit better than the earlier one.  Deeper colors do show the words better on the paper.

It even looks better with the deeper colors.  Still warps after heating, but maybe there will be a way to tame it in my next experimenting.

Real Red, Not Quite Navy, and More Mustard Classic Inks

Real Red, Not Quite Navy, and More Mustard Classic Inks

Time to bust out the Classic Inks and see what happens.

I’m pretty sure the ink pads will do the trick as far as bringing out the words on the paper better.

AND the paper won’t curl after the application of the  Classic Inks as it did with the Inky Mists.

One thing I forgot to mention.  During the heating process and drying the Inky Mists, the embossed words on the paper melted flat.  They didn’t puddle but it was like they just went flat.  I could not feel the raised words as I had been able to previous to heating.

More Mustard, Not Quite Navy, Real Red Classic Inks

More Mustard, Not Quite Navy, Real Red Classic Inks

This did, indeed, bring out the words embossed on the paper.  I think I like this better because the words, themselves, are the sparkle on the paper.

There are several different papers in the Presto Patterns package.  All of them are of this white embossed type of stuff on white heavy card stock.

I have one more project to create for the January Clubs – Greeting Cards.  The “Gift Central Club” item will be posted tomorrow.  I worked on it and finished it yesterday.  Trying to get Joe out on the road and I will have the neighbor children over for a few hours this morning.  Play time will be later today.

The next experiment……Stampin’ Up! LetterPress Plates.  That I’m looking forward to 🙂

By the way….I’ve added a Poll to this blog.  On the right, below the catalogs is a link to the Poll Question.  I’d like to know what you think.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn Claridge
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 16:14:25

    Love the look of that paper Leslie and the inks certainly did bring out the words better. How about trying a slight misting over the top of the ink to add some sparkle? As the lettering is embossed and if you need to use your heat gun to dry it then try heating from underneath, that may prevent the original embossing from melting into the paper. Could be that there was too much heat or the heat gun was too close.

    Love it when you do your experimenting as we all learn 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx


    • Message In A Fold
      Jan 05, 2011 @ 12:38:36

      You have some great ideas, Lynn. I’ll have to give that a try. Misting over the ink to add sparkle. Sure do have more experimenting to do on that paper, and I do have quite a bit of it to play with. Cards though, first, for the January Message In A Fold Club so I can get that crazy newsletter done and ready. Just in case someone might want one.

      Joe is really funny, poor guy. He’s really kind of upset that no one has taken me up on any of the clubs and stuff. He tells me that the website I spent so much time at is better than most of the rest – he’s surfed maybe three and they were blogs – but I just can’t get over how strongly he feels about all this. I know it will take time before things begin happening and I have to do other things as well. I just feel kind of sorry for my big man.

      I’ll let you know the results of your advice shortly. Say, have you been able to contact Nickie Woolf? That would be so cool if she could figure out how we can put our heads together and get you some great things to go with your new Big Shot 🙂

      Love you Girlfriend


      • Lynn Claridge
        Jan 06, 2011 @ 17:42:22

        I know exactly how Joe feels regarding your web site and club but as you say it does take time to get out there and be known. Make yourself a ‘signature’ of some sort to be put at the end of every email you send especially putting your web site address and the address of this site. It is just another way to be known. Make sure it is on everything to do with your Stampin Up business.

        I haven’t yet been in touch with Nickie Woolf because I am stony broke just now! I have a cheque waiting to be paid into the bank and then I can contact her or order via you. Christmas sure plays havoc with the finances, thanks heavens we don’t have all the nasty bills coming in about now that most people are facing.

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xxxx

      • Message In A Fold
        Jan 06, 2011 @ 21:20:07

        You are too right about the nasty bills coming in now because of Christmas. We did that foolishness and mayhem a few years back. I have no idea what it is about a credit card but both Joe and I had a real problem. I think when we opened the envelope and each found our name on separate credit cards our brains fell right out of our heads. I have to laugh when I think about a long ago friend who had desperate money troubles. She would write checks and just keep writing them. She would have such a crying and screaming fit when she received NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) notices from her bank. She was really crying one time, pointing at her checkbook and said with total honesty “I still have checks, why is there no money in my bank?” One of those times when you can’t keep the laugh from bursting out. So I guess it came back to haunt me. That took us about four years to get cleaned up. Ran those puppies through the shredder just as soon as they each were paid off. No more credit cards for us.

        Thank you for your kind words. I’m on a mission. I purchased some small candy things called “Nuggets”. They are popping up in YouTube videos everywhere. I’m so proud of myself. I measured a business card, then the height of one of the candies. Did some other figuring and came up with a box pattern. I’ll have to show that tomorrow. So each time I have to leave the house I don’t feel like such a pushy sales person when I hand someone a business card. They don’t even know they will be getting one until they open the box and begin eating the candy. They will find it tucked inside.

        You are right, I do need to add my website, Stampin’ Up! Website, and blog addresses to my email signatures and get myself spread around. Thanks for reminding me of that.

        You might just send an email to Nickie Woolf. Let her know you got her name from me in the US and you want to know if she still is a Demonstrator. You might tell her it will be a week or so before you are ready to talk with her but you just want to make sure she is still doing this. Girl, Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators drop like flies because it is kind of difficult to keep the minimums up that we have to in order to keep our “Demo” status. Some people move away and you won’t know until after you are ready and you find out that things have changed.

        You might also ask if she has a newsletter or something that she generally emails out to her customers. If she does you can take a look at her materials and see if there is something she is promoting you might be able to get in on when you are ready. You’ll know soon enough if she is too desperate or if she is good at what she does. I sure do hope that she knows what she is doing and is good at it. I sure would hate to get a “Howler” from you telling me that every time you hear a car door slam you and Rod have to hit the floor and wiggle under windows to keep from being seen 🙂

        Love you – Leslie

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