Happy New Year

Happy New Year To Crafting Men and Women in 2011!!

It is official!  I am an “Old Fogie”.  We had friends and neighbors over for our totally FAT AND CHOLESTEROL laden New Year’s Eve party.  By about 10 p.m. all of us were trying to keep the conversation going for another two  hours.  We succeeded but there was a mass exodus by 12:02 a.m.  Long gone are the days of staying up until  sunrise to see the New Year dawn.

The holidays are nearly over with one final festivity left.  Maybe I should look at this in a different way.  The FIRST festivity of the year will be held this evening with more friends and neighbors over for the Annual New Year’s Dinner.  Joe’s special baked beans, a baked and glazed ham, and candied yams.  I’ve learned there is an Oklahoma Tradition for New Year’s Day which includes Black Eyed Peas for wealth and spinach for health.  These two items will make a debut at our dinner table to honor our friends with good wishes for this upcoming year.

I have only one “New Year Resolution”.  To make this year more about others and less about me.  In my crafting I make my choices by the papers or stamps that I personally like.  The projects for my clubs for January are from my personal choices and are to kick this year off.  You will see the other two items in the next few days.  Tuesday, January 4th, begins the Occasions Mini catalog campaign.  You will be able to download a PDF copy of it from this blog today to begin looking through it.  The Holiday Mini ends on Monday, January 3rd.

As with other Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator blogs and websites, I am trying to sell product to you.  Like you, I don’t care for pushy sales people that want something from me.  Once those sales people get what they want from me then I am no longer a concern to them and they are off to the next person.

The “Mission Statement” for Message In A Fold is this:

Creativity is a gift from the Soul expressed through Love and Caring.

The journey from an idea to the finished work is one continuous personal growth experience.  Learning something new by trying a technique you are unfamiliar with and hesitant to give it a try.  The doubts that plague your mind as the project nears the end and you will be giving it to someone you care about.  The small fears that your efforts will be rebuffed or made light of.

Every crafter leaves a bit of themselves to be judged in their creations.  Is it enough?  Should I have done more?  Will this person like what I’ve done?   It is human nature to have a strong desire to be liked and loved, to feel appreciated by others.  To know they have something to offer that makes them special and remembered fondly.

Confidence in one’s self is gained through this process.  Reaching ever higher and further to expand our skills and knowledge in the creative process we use to express our feelings and show our love to others.  Someone that loves to cook for family and friends knows this.  The mouth watering aromas that scent the air, the sight of the proffered food makes you want to sit down and dig in to the sumptuous feast laid before you.  The person that has prepared the food enjoys the appreciative sounds and revels in hearing “This tastes so good!”

Paper crafting is much the same.  The ingredients differ but there is a “recipe” to follow.  As with learning to cook, the same goes for paper crafting.  Some of the creations get thrown out because they are either over “spiced” with too much of something – or they are under done and bland from not having enough time or product to fully develop.

I may not be the best paper crafter in the world but here, at Message In A Fold, you will learn how to create a scrapbook layout, gift, or card and begin your personal journey toward confidence.  The best gift you can give yourself is confidence.  The best gift you can give others is born from that confidence.

Yes, I am a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and I have product I would like you to purchase from me.  Even more important to me though is your learning to have faith in yourself and what you are capable of.  Moving forward and expanding your knowledge and skill to put your own personal spin on your creativity.  Learning your style and making the most of it by adding your own “ingredients to a recipe” instead of following the tried and true all the time.

The beginning of this new year of 2011 is a great time to start.  With it comes new and exciting product in the Occasions Mini.  Download a copy to your computer and page through it.


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